(Tensura 2) That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Part 2 Episode 43 Impressions

Tensura 2 Episode 43 Review

I’m wondering when Benimaru got so incredibly cocky, though given how Tensura 2 has been going I guess having supremely overconfident supporting characters is just par for the course at this point. Though, in any other show, someone acting that confident that they were about to win a war would most definitely be smacked down my instant karma.

Tensura 2 Episode 43 - Benimaru

Tensura 2 – Where the ‘heroes’ have a lot of traits in common with standard villains.

In addition to superb overconfidence we also have underhanded tactics and Benimaru doesn’t actually join the fighting himself this week, though I suspect he’s probably going to have to involve himself eventually.

Anyway, after all of the chatter of the past few weeks, Tensura 2 has at least finally kicked off its war though we do still have Rimuru doing some magic to ensure the dryad can accompany the fairy and we also have a brief glimpse of Milim as Rimuru is told about her subordinates. The pose he visualises her in is probably completely irrelevant to the thought process at hand but there’s really no other reason for Milim to wear that outfit other than to be put in such poses (no this is not a combat friendly outfit) so lets just move on.

Milim - Tensura 2 Episode 43

The beast guys get all excited and pretty much tell Benimaru they are going to take care of a few things on the battle field. Everything goes more or less as planned with a trap taking out most of the footsoldiers and the flying lizard guys cleaning up any of the flying soldiers. Its a good thing the whole army was marching together and nobody was taking a different route. That would have made the whole thing a little less spectacular.


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Then, because like the only plan the villain had was march through this canyon, he’s freaking out because Clayman isn’t going to be happy he failed and apparently failing once is enough of a reason to be killed or turned into a mindless puppet (wow, Clayman’s employment plan sucks). So without any kind of actual plan Ice-Sword guy tries to flee but finds his magic is blocked.

In case my tone isn’t clear, I’m really not caught up in the ‘excitement’ of this. There was no tension, no drama, and the action wasn’t entertaining enough on its own to hold it together. While there’s a definite relief that we’re finally seeing the characters do something, rather than talk about doing something, the army here that was talked up as a potential problem has turned more into a pest eradication mission and I’m really not into watching people swat flies.

Tensura 2 Episode 43

The one battle that potentially could have given us a bit of a thrill as when snake girl from the beastketeers tracks down the ice-sword guy and the two actually start a duel. Even then, it felt a bit one-sided though I am going to throw in here that Gobta gets points for being the single coolest character this episode.

That’s a little tragic for Tensura 2 that Gobta is now actually the coolest character on screen…

Naturally the fight isn’t finished and there’s several other fights and getting set-up for the various characters we are supposed to remember the names of but I doubt much of it will amount to anything. Honestly, Rimuru’s people are so overpowered at this point they can pretty much steamroll entire armies without Rimuru at all. Good thing we’re supposed to like these guys otherwise we’d be calling out ofr a hero to take out this unstoppable monster army.

Tensura 2 - Episode 43

Still, Tensura 2 does remain fun enough for casual viewing. The real issue is that much like many long running series, after a slump of episodes it takes me awhile to get back into it. That’s more or less why I’ve paused My Hero Academia at this stage. I need to really be in the mood to jump back into that or I will genuinely just pick at it.

Images from: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Part 2. Dir. Y Kikuchi. 8bit. 2021.

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