Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 Episode 6



Apparently one episode of moping is all Rose needs before making critical and life-changing decisions (though in terms of not being bored by the narrative her moving on was probably a good thing). This episode feels like it is getting ready to move this story along. We finally reached the source of the rain issue and after a bit of talk where we get a very brief Velvet moment Sorey and friends are off to a church to purify some malevolence. Rose tags along and decides she wants to be a squire. Probably just as well because it turns out even when they are dead, dragons cause all sorts of problems and this was way bigger than Sorey was handling on his own.


Anyway, the episode ends with Alisha finally managing to get in touch with Sorey (I’m guessing because he’s stronger or because of Rose – not sure on that one) but Alisha tells him that Ladylake is in trouble so now we’re returning all the way to Ladylake. The based on a game part of this really shows sometimes. That said, there was fun to be had with this week’s episode and mostly it was good just to feel that we were finally moving forward.

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5 thoughts on “Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 Episode 6

  1. When Alisha became Sorey’ squire, it looked they were getting married. When Rose became his squire, it was a prenuptial XDD. Mibo & Edna skits are just hilarious.

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