Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 Episode 5



After all the build up this episode seems like mostly a nothing kind of deal. Rose may or may not have killed her target and now they are getting back to where-ever it was Sorey was supposed to be going to deal with the rain. Meanwhile, Rose decided it was a good time for an existential crisis so spends a lot of this episode moping (okay, that’s fairly harsh and she’s going through some actual character moment but it isn’t dealt with very well and as it dominates most of this episode the episode jut felt kind of dull). There was apparently a lot of malevolence in the forest they ended up riding through but they kind of just rode through it with Sorey occasionally sending up some pretty flames. It wasn’t really much of a threat and didn’t do much to distract from the lack of things happening this episode. Overall, fairly forgettable this week.

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