Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 Episode 10



Remembering way back when I started season 1 of this, one of me key issues was that the characters didn’t feel like they were part of the world. The world was pretty and the characters were pretty, but the two didn’t match. As time went on, this kind of got less noticeable (either because we stopped getting sweeping landscapes and have had more intimate settings or because they got better, not sure which). And then we get this episode.


Compare this dragon to the image of Edna above. Do these two characters belong in the same anime? Admittedly, the video quality I was watching in is rubbish due to very buggy internet connection (I’m really hoping the image isn’t actually that grainy) but everything about that image is wrong if it is intended to be something from the same show.  Sorey fighting this thing was a joke mostly because after this one very dramatic and cinematic shot (and it was lovely except that I wondered if somehow I was suddenly watching Godzilla) we only see a bare fraction of the dragon as Sorey fights it which kind of takes all the amazement out of a dragon fight.

Let’s skip forward to everything else in this episode. Yep, field trip to the snow followed by big battle. Finally an armatization, short lived, and now big trouble. That about sums it up. To be more blunt, its a hopeless mish-mash of ideas and characters each trying to have their moment in either the comedy setting or the battle as we just conveniently rush over anything that might be construed as a plot at this point. I might have finally had enough of this show’s nonsense to be honest. But I’ll leave you with one final image.

Farewell character I had forgotten after season 1 and cannot remember the name of now. Your incredibly pointless death will be forgotten almost instantly.

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5 thoughts on “Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 Episode 10

    1. Most of season 2 I’ve been giving this show some leeway because saeason 1 was fun despite being based on a game I never played. This episode officially broke my tolerance for any more of its silliness.

        1. Given some of the reviews I’ve read, I don’t think I’d start with Zestiria if I was going to get into these games. Besides, between No Man’s Sky and and FFX replay I’m pretty much out of gaming time in my schedule already.

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