Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 12


Well, aren’t we all glad of second season announcements. Except that it leaves us with pretty much no resolution. Okay, Alisha is fine. A bit too fine given how much blood she lost. You would think it would take her longer to be up and bouncing around but at least she didn’t die.

Actually, my main complaint coming out of this will be the Lord of Calamity. Clearly he has never read a story in his life because otherwise he would know that any villain that lets the hero go (in order for them to become hope before being crushed) has just raised their own death flag. To be honest, it is a lame reason to let someone live and doesn’t make any sense from a self-preservation point of view no matter how arrogant a villain is supposed to be. The only purpose of such declarations is to delay a confrontation the hero can’t yet win and why would any self-respecting villain give the hero a chance to win?

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3 thoughts on “Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 12

  1. I actually started watching this this weekend after reading all of your reviews. I’m only up to episode 5, but I definitely see why you were so eh about this show lol. Like, legit if I weren’t a Tales fan, I would stop watching it. Pretty generic as far as a fantasy story goes, and seeing that the end of the first season of the anime is a cliffhanger (though, I predicted there would be a season 2 after reading the plot of the game) it’s just disappointing to see such a bland video game adaptation anime, when I’ve seen so many good ones out there (Star Ocean X comes to mind).

    I’ll probably chug through the rest of it this weekend, since I was waiting for the season to end to binge it. Have been enjoying your reviews on this series though.

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