Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 10


Having no experience with the game, I’ve been continually bewildered by some people’s perception of Alishia. I’m not sure if she’s different or what the issue is, but after this episode I’m fairly sure she’s a pretty awesome character. Yeah, she’s a little naive and preachy at times but she is certainly focussed and determined and she’s a good counterpoint to Sorey because she has to be involved in the politics of the situation and not just worry about purifying things. I also enjoyed seeing Sorey be more shepherd-like this episode (or at least what I kind of felt his role was supposed to be as a shepherd from how it was described). Less hitting things with a sword and more purifying. All and all, quite an enjoyable watch this week even if plot wise it felt like this was an intermission between one battle and the next.

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  1. eh…i didnt really care for alisha in the game, but i know her treatment in the game caused a lot of outrage. probably the fact that she has a role at all at this point is enough. id still honestly prefer focusing on her than sorey

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