Tales of Zesteria The X Episode 6


So we are still with Velvet this week and that actually isn’t a bad thing. We have a really great fight sequence on a dock and a dragon swoops in. By the way, they really should stick to just animating the face and eyes because every long shot of this dragon suffered from the main focus of the scene not really sitting right with the background that was kind of bothering me back during the prologue and episode 1 of Tales of Zestieria. That said, it’s a fight with a dragon. A boat get’s sunk, exorcists are thrown off the dock, there’s some really cool magic, and a nice dramatic sacrifice just to hit the full emotional spectrum without giving away a single ounce of actual story even while we reaffirm that Velvet is on a mission.

If I had to pick a fault, other than the whole flying dragon animation, it would definitely be the music. Not because the music is not awesome. Each piece of music is. The problem is, they’ve crammed nearly an entire game’s worth of thematic music into an episode that is barely 18 minutes long once you remove the end credits and the game opening that’s tagged on at the end.

Anyway, apparently next week we return to Sorey and companions and now I’m really trying to remember where we left them, but that’s okay. Regardless of how much of the story I may be missing going into this, I’ve quite enjoyed watching. And once again my 100 words got blown away, but that’s also okay.

Tales of Zestiria the X is available on AnimeLab.

4 thoughts on “Tales of Zesteria The X Episode 6

    1. This was definitely a case of overload and some of the transitions in musical tone were really jarring. Particularly when the pink girl showed up (really sucking at remembering any of the character’s names in this show).

      1. to be fair, she’s the one with the overly complicated name. i didnt notice, but im biased towards Tales soundtracks. i also seem to be in the minority of people who think the berseria opening song is better than the zestiria opening song. life is hard

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