Taishou Otome Fairytale Episode 5 – Enter The Next Damaged Girl To Be Healed By The Power of Cheerfulness

Taishou Otome Fairytale Episode 5 Review

Taishou Otome Fairytale just kind of happened this week. The opening act is taken up with Tamako’s departure after her shock announcement in episode 4 and lots of sweet reminiscence between brother and sister before she leaves. We then get to watch Yuzuki and Tamahiko blush at one another before a random girl breaks into their house.

Taishou Otome Fairytale Episode 5

I didn’t find this episode of Taishou Otome Fairytale charming and it kind of just felt empty.

In the absence of its usual charm and sweet nothingness, Taishou Otome Fairytale kind of struggled to connect this week. Tamako’s farewell seemed needlessly drawn out with a discussion about why she wants to be a doctor, a sleep over and then a farewell at the train station. It just kind of stretches what feels like an already established plot point and I’m not sure there’s enough payoff to make all that screen time worthwhile.

Taishou Otome Fairytale Episode 5

The middle of the episode this week feels like a mishmash of events until we move on to the next actual pertinent point in the story. Such was the feeling of nothing really happening I took a screen cap of this cutie because to be honest this was the most interesting thing going on in the scene.

Taishou Otome Fairytale Episode 5

I was kind of left wondering why we have another anime cat named Haru. Is this a popular cat name in Japan? Honestly it just made me think about My Roommate is a Cat, which incidentally was a fun enough slice of life, and largely that just distracted me from caring much about what was happening in Taishou Otome Fairytale. Not a great sign for my current level of engagement with this story given it apparently has 12 episodes and we’re not quite at the half-way mark.

Though I did pay enough attention to see that Tamahiko, still upset by the doctor’s words from last week, does go to the market with Yuzuki and we get one of those cute and fluffy moments where the background kind of disappears and everything gets real pink. Granted it didn’t feel particularly like enough happened to warrant this but I’ll be honest, this episode needed every lift it could get.

Taishou Otome Fairytale Episode 5

We aren’t getting through a whole episode of Taishou Otome Fairytale without Tamahiko throwing himself a pity party though. And while this one was in the past (no-one-remembered-my-birthday-wail) it at least helped set the scene about a sudden huge attachment to a simple bookmark Yuzuki gave him. Which was important because otherwise the next scene wouldn’t work at all.

Basically, a girl saw them in the market and decided that the best course of action was to break into their house and then steal Tamahiko’s wallet and also the bookmark while she’s there. I don’t much like what little we’ve seen of her. She didn’t click as an interesting character at all. And honestly if she hadn’t taken the bookmark it would have been good-riddance when she left the scene.

Taishou Otome Fairytale Episode 5

The real tragedy here is we end with this set-up unresolved which means whether we like this girl or not she will be in the next episode.

I was kind of hoping with Tamako leaving that we’d get some time for Yuzuki and Tamahiko to really work on their lives together but instead we’re kind of plunged headlong into the next plot (such as it is) and honestly, it’s just not working for me and this is most definitely my least favourite episode so far.

All I really want is a cute romance from the leads. I’ll happily say goodbye to all the clutter.

Images from: Taishou Otome Fairytale. Dir. J Hatori. SynergySP. 2021

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