Zombie Loan Episode 3


Review: While at some point I may come back and finish this series, for now three episodes is more than enough. Despite Kita making the decision to leave home, she made no other plans or did anything of her own volition for the entire episode. Instead she got dragged around and into things at the … Continue reading Zombie Loan Episode 3

Zombie Loan Episode 2


Review: I wasn't really getting into this and then one of the zombie boys (nope, I've not yet actually cared enough to know which one is which) gives Kita a piece of his mind. Given it was more or less what I thought of her after episode 1, and her hiding in the bed to … Continue reading Zombie Loan Episode 2

Zombie Loan Episode 1


Overview: Kita, who is apparently the single biggest doormat of a character in anime history, can see rings around people's neck when they are going to die. One day she sees rings around the necks of two boys at school. Turns out they are already dead and they are hunting down zombies to earn money … Continue reading Zombie Loan Episode 1