Grimoire of Zero Episode 6


There’s no denying I’ve been fairly underwhelmed by Grimoire of Zero so far. From the overly cute titular character to the overall lack of tension or direction (other than fetch the book) it hasn’t exactly been blowing me away with its creativity or even its general execution of a fairly ordinary story.


Episode 6 doesn’t exactly remedy all the issues I’ve had with the show, nor it is a sure sign that things will get better and this might become more than just passingly watchable but, for me at least, it was a far more enjoyable viewing experience than anything this show had offered prior. For the first time I kind of worried about the characters and what would happen to them next and for the first time I actually felt a sense of menace in the world (rather than simply being told that things were bad). Thirteen’s inclusion is certainly part of the reason for that but even without him in the mix they could have explored the Mercenary’s and Zero’s trust issues and certainly someone could have given Albus a harsh dose of reality a little sooner.

That said, it wasn’t a perfect episode and the opening sequence where the fight just abruptly stops followed by the ridiculous banter between Thirteen and Zero over the inclusion of sugar in soup really did make the earlier parts of the episode feel much the same as everything else. However, that dinner time chat transitioned into something I found infinitely more interesting and gave me reason to not want to drop this yet.

Grimoire of Zero is available on AnimeLab.

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Words of Wisdom

Another week and another round of anime wisdom for the ages. No theme this week, just some random quotes that I felt were worth noting.


Firstly from Zero/Lelouch. Essentially don’t dish it out if you aren’t willing to take it.


Eru from Hyouka, who is such a bundle of positivity most of the time, actually pointing out the obvious. Emotions are a continuum and you don’t get the highs without the lows.


Lastly this week, Decim from Death Parade. I like this quote because it echoes one of my favourite quotes from The Princes Bride. “Life’s not fair, anyone who says otherwise is selling something.” Life is honestly much easier to take once you stop expecting it to be fair. You don’t get disappointed half so often.

Well, that’s it for this week. More quotes coming next week.