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DARLING in the FRANXX Episode 2: Logically, No Machine Would Ever Be Designed To Operate This Way


Just thinking about how these machines operate, or don’t operate, it just seems so incredibly illogical in terms of design and operation. I’m hoping there’s some explanation given later as to why you would set the system up this way, but really there isn’t going to be any satisfying explanation other than a flimsy rationalisation for why we’ve got a girl bent over with a guy behind her in the cockpit.


That isn’t actually a criticism of the show, because the show has actually been pretty fun, but it is a criticism of the world building and concept behind the show. Basically, this show needs to keep the pretty and shiny happening or we all might start questioning what they are asking us to swallow with this story and that might just leave it looking more than a little bit off.


That said, it isn’t as though the show is going out of its way to be subtle. While Ichigo might act confused about knowing what a kiss is, we get endless dialogue that is almost too blunt to even consider a double entendre.

What I did like this episode was that we got to know the rest of the squad a bit and their personalities, that and we pretty much confirm that Hiro is going to be partnered with Zero Two because otherwise he’s not going to have much purpose in the show. His attempt at partnering with Ichigo ends pretty pathetically, though it is through the practice match that we learn a bit more about how things work.


All and all, this is working for what it is. There are quite a few parallels between this and Evangelion (as well as a few other shows) and yet this definitely has its own kind of feel and tone. Whether that ends up being a good tone I guess will depend on where the story decides to go now.

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