KADO: The Right Answer Series Review: The Higher They Rise, The Further To Fall

Overview: One day a giant cube appears off the coast of Japan, swallowing a passenger plane. Turns out a visitor from the anisotropic (or outside of the known universe) has come to Earth to give us some gifts. One of the passengers on the plane is a negotiator and he begins the process of communicating … Continue reading KADO: The Right Answer Series Review: The Higher They Rise, The Further To Fall

KADO Episode 11

Review: After episodes 9 and 10, I was starting to really worry about where this show was going for a conclusion. I'm still not 100% sold that this is going to end well, but episode 11 definitely made me hopeful that I should have high expectations. Part of what helped was Shindo's approach in this … Continue reading KADO Episode 11

KADO Episode 10

Review - Some spoilers: I very nearly had a complaint about this episode but by the end of its run I was more confused as to whether this episode worked or not with what we already knew and with the tone of the story. After a rewatch, I liked it a bit better but I … Continue reading KADO Episode 10

KADO Episode 9

Review: I came to the conclusion while watching KADO this week that the question I'd been wondering about for most of the series was flawed. I've been trying to figure out what is going on with zaShunina and whether he is actually good or bad, but as this episode points out in relation to the … Continue reading KADO Episode 9

KADO Episode 8

Review: I'm sure I've already said this, but if you haven't given KADO a try this season, you really do need to. While the slow pace and dialogue heavy delivery won't sit well with everyone, the ideas this show develops as the narrative unfolds are well worth it, plus it actually has a fairly excellent … Continue reading KADO Episode 8

Friday’s Feature: Mid-Season Thoughts On ‘KADO: The Right Answer’

At episode 6 I had to admit I had fallen completely in love with this anime. There's someone in the real world who I think will love this show but they won't watch it until it finishes airing but at the end of each episode I want to talk to them about it and hear … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Mid-Season Thoughts On ‘KADO: The Right Answer’

KADO Episode 6

Review (definitely spoilers if you haven't watched the episode): You know, we've all been asking what the deal with Shindo is and this episode decides to finally show part of its hand on this issue. Yes, Shindo is definitely no longer normal in the strictest sense of the word, however zaShunina attributes that to the … Continue reading KADO Episode 6

KADO Episode 5

Review: After the UN made their declaration in the previous episode I was ready for Japan to either capitulate or defy and I was ready for the inevitable war to get rolling along or for zaShunina to do something really crazy but this show once again surprised me in the best possible way. While a … Continue reading KADO Episode 5

KADO Episode 4

Review: While this show has previously moved at a snail's pace (though this has been needed given how much information we've had to take in), episode 4 seems to have finally planted its foot on the accelerator. Part of that came from the absence of zaShunina for the large majority of the episode as we … Continue reading KADO Episode 4

KADO Episode 3

Review: They've emerged from the cube and finally negotiations are getting underway, but my question is what are they actually negotiating? Given zaShunina has already said the passengers will be released and he seems to be wanting to give information rather than receive it, stating that it is a negotiation seems a bit off. Then … Continue reading KADO Episode 3