A Review of the Blog – 2018 – Part 1


100 Word Anime is nearing the end of its third year and now it very much feels like this blog is an inseparable part of me. I honestly can’t imagine what I would do without it. As 2018 draws to a close and 2019 is just around the corner I’m taking a moment to take stock of the blog and think about next year.

In part one, I’m looking just at stats for the year and part two I’m going to look at posts and content. In terms of goals for 2019 I have two. Continue to have fun and continue to try to make the blog something that I can do more full time. I am happy to say that 2018 has allowed me to make the blog break even and I’ve been able to put some money into a few things to try to improve the blog in the future, but I’m definitely not at a stage where I can consider leaving work for my blog (not even close). But I do greatly appreciate those who have supported the blog in some way in 2018, whether that was a donation, ko-fi, or those who continue to support the blog in an ongoing manner on patreon. It has all helped enormously.

thank you

Though, perhaps the best thing about 2018 is that people in my life started taking this endeavour as something I was serious about. As I built up a following and people who supported the blog online, people in the real world have seen how much effort and time I am putting into it and I’m getting a lot more support in the real world. So 2018 has been a really good year for me in a lot of ways despite a bunch of other issues.

Alright, onto the stats for the year. These were taken on the morning of the 31st so don’t include the final day of the year.

2018 blog stats

Right so in 2018 I apparently posted 1,222 times. That seems crazy to me but I’m not going back and counting. My average comments per post hasn’t really gone up and that’s probably because while features and top 5’s generate a lot of comments normally, episode reviews don’t after the first one or two of the season. And my word average per post continues to go up this year rising to 637 making the whole 100 Word Anime title really a lie at this point, but you know, 100 x 6 is kind of fine too.

2018 posting activity

I continued to post every day even when I took a bit of a break in July I still scheduled a post every day. At this point it would feel weird to not post every day given I’ve done it consistently for nearly three years. Most days I post three times a day, though there are certainly times when more posts go out. Still, I’m not looking to increase the number of posts next year. I’m very much just wanting to keep my three posts a day and work on improving the content rather than increasing it.


Lastly, I am super excited to announce that December saw me just scrape over the 10,000 views in a month target for the second time in 2018. That was really fantastic to see. I’m tentatively setting a goal of 12,000 views in a month for 2019 as I think that would be reasonable growth based on past trends but we’ll see how things go. I didn’t really think I’d hit the 10,000 and I was thrilled in August when I realised how close I was getting and then finally tipped over.

That’s the end of part one but later part two will come out looking at some of the top posts for the year. If you actually have plans for New Years Eve and won’t be reading my blog later today, have a great night and I hope that 2019 brings you happiness.

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