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Domestic Girlfriend Episode 12

The secret is out and Hina takes it all upon herself (which as the adult in the relationship and the supervising teacher that quite clearly acted in a way contrary to her position it makes sense that she does this). In order to avoid the scandal becoming public, Hina accepts a transfer of position (why she isn’t fired is a question I guess we’ll never understand) and then she vanished from Natsuo, Rui and the rest of the family (though she does send her mother a text). Domestic Girlfriend has been big on these extreme reactions to emotions rather than more measured responses but to be honest at this point this was actually a fairly low-key way to handle the situation.

Hina - Domestic Girlfriend Episode 12

All of which is better than Natsuo’s approach which is to literally hide in his room. I’m going to give full credit to the support cast of Domestic Girlfriend in this instance for not putting up with that. The support they give Natsuo in this episode is phenomenal and Natsuo really hasn’t appreciated Rui enough given everything she’s done for him (of course, her throwing herself at him in the end is all kinds of weird but more or less expected from this story at this point).

Rui - Domestic Girlfriend Episode 12

After being encouraged, shouted at, and dragged to a bath house, Natsuo turns to writing to help deal with his emotions. While at first he ignores the food and other supports Rui brings him, in time it is almost as though the writing provides a release for him and he returns to the world around him.

Domestic Girlfriend Episode 12

Of course, this being the kind of story it is, it isn’t just a personal writing venture. he gives the draft to his teacher who is a writer who just happens to decide to pass it on and the next thing you know Natsuo is winning an award.

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There’s something very unbalanced about Domestic Girlfriend in that some moments are really grounded and touching and then it does things that makes you wonder just what planet these characters are living on. It always takes things just that little bit too far and pushes them past the ability to suspend disbelief.

Domestic Girlfriend Episode 12

That said, for an anime that has been borderline trashy since the beginning, is well outside my usual preferred viewing genres, and is generally full of characters that aren’t all that likeable, there’s been something kind of great about watching this. It is going to make for an interesting review and I’m kind of looking forward to writing it.

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Excuses for Not Writing A Blog Post

Tuesday's Top 5

It should be quite obvious that list is poking quite a bit of fun at myself on some of my lazier days. Still, I’m fairly certain that most of you will find an excuse on here that you can relate to. For me, I think I need to remember that mostly these are excuses and I need to just get on and write something sometimes. Okay, number 4 isn’t an excuse, it is actually a reason.

Please Note – No spoilers this week.

Honourable mentions go to my computer died and kidnapped by space aliens. Though I should probably mention the occasional need to sleep.

Number 5: I’m Tired.


I mentioned this when I did my anniversary posts but writing tired tends to lead some very poorly written, poorly edited posts that seldom say anything useful (assuming you can figure out what I’m trying to say). However, I use being tired as an excuse not to write far too often because it is a convenient excuse. I can pat myself on the back for taking a break and resting for once and taking care of myself. While this might be number 5 on the list it is probably the excuse I use most often.

Number 4: I’m Working


No I don’t play video games for a living, it was just the best picture I could find of Serena being productive. Anyway, this one isn’t actually so much an excuse as a reason. Tragically the blog is still a hobby and not a job so the actual job has to come first. Most weeks this isn’t a problem as I can schedule my time pretty well but every now and then things go a bit crazy at work and I end up there until I’m falling asleep at my desk and I’m definitely not writing a blog post when getting home from that.

Number 3: I Need To Watch More Anime Before I Can Write


This is fairly legitimate in that I can’t write an episode review until I’ve watched the episode, however when I start using the excuse for features, top 5’s or series reviews I need to reconsider given I’ve watched more than enough anime to fill a million posts if I stop procrastinating and just start writing. I have determined though that I do need to watch a series fairly recently to review it properly so even if I’ve watched something before I tend to do a binge watch again before writing a review just to refresh my memory (and waste some time).

Number 2: Everything I Write Is Going To Suck Anyway


This one can actually be pretty crippling. You know when you are reading through posts and just starting at the bottom and pressing the backspace and letting it take out the whole lot. You hate it so much that you don’t even want to highlight the lot and delete in one go, you want to see it destroyed letter by letter. Getting into this head space really hurts and it can take me a couple of days to bounce back sometimes though it isn’t just blog related. I find myself hesitating to say anything or make any kind of decision, convinced it will just be wrong anyway. This is where having a strict schedule helps. When you know you ‘have’ to have something done by a certain time. It means you can give yourself a day or two to try to pull yourself together and then you just have to bite the bullet and hit publish on whatever you have done. Usually it doesn’t suck as bad as you think.

Number 1: Someone Already Wrote About That And They Did It Better Than I Will


Sometimes I wonder when I write a post on a topic I know has already been covered to death whether I’m actually adding anything at all of meaning to the discussion. I’ve kind of learned to put that thought to the side because it’s the internet. There are videos out there of cats riding vacuum cleaners. The odds of my ever coming out with a totally original idea that no one has ever expressed before are pretty low. Still, sometimes I think about what my post could do that might at least feel a bit fresh. And again, this can be incredibly crippling if you worry about it for too long.

So those are my top 5 excuses for not writing a blog post. What are yours?

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