Top 5 Anime With Fairies

Tuesday's Top 5

Fairies are fun to see in stories because there's so many variations and forms on the idea of what a fairy is. From The Seven Deadly Sins to Amagi Brilliant Part, fairies show up over and over again. This list are my favourite appearances of fairies in anime (not necessarily best anime). As always, I'd … Continue reading Top 5 Anime With Fairies

WorldEnd Volume 1 Light Novel Review

WorldEnd Review

While I mostly enjoyed the anime series of WorldEnd my curiosity about whether the story was better in written form (whether the pacing issues and nebulous characterisation was better) eventually got the better of me and I decided to try out volume 1 of the light novel series. After devouring its pages the verdict is now in.

WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? Series Review: Someone Save Us From These Titles


Overview: This is a story that takes place after the world has ended, humanity has been destroyed, and the species that survive now live on floating islands. However, the beasts still attack and so fairy weapons are kept to use magic swords to fight them. Willem, the only surviving human, is recruited to take care … Continue reading WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? Series Review: Someone Save Us From These Titles

Friday’s Feature: So You Want To Save the World?


There is a staple in stories, whatever there form, where a protagonist is called to save the world. They might be a trained soldier, some randomly strong hero, a random nobody chosen by destiny, or just someone who happened to be in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time, but they are called and one … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: So You Want To Save the World?

WorldEnd Episode 12


Review: I was kind of wondering where this show would end given how it began, and it doesn't really disappoint. The final episode is extremely reminiscent of the first, including bringing back specific scenes we saw at the start of the first episode and the great use of music (missed that during the middle of … Continue reading WorldEnd Episode 12

WorldEnd Episode 11


Review: I've definitely come to the conclusion during the course of watching this show that Willem is an idiot. A well intentioned, hard working, fairly knowledgable, idiot. He's already understood that things don't work out for him and that the world is not that kind. He's already come to terms with failing to succeed at … Continue reading WorldEnd Episode 11

WorldEnd Episode 10


Review (Spoiler warning for the second half of the episode in case you haven't watched): We've come a long way and nowhere in this series. While the reveals were coming thick and fast this episode it also indulged in one of my pet hates. Flash backs within the episode. If a character says something at … Continue reading WorldEnd Episode 10

WorldEnd Episode 9


Review: This episode continues to focus on Chtholly and her disintegration, focussing on her loss of memories. Early in the episode Ithea reveals that she did in fact lose her memories and woke up in a body that wasn't her and the only reason she's been able to pretend to be the person everyone knew … Continue reading WorldEnd Episode 9

WorldEnd Episode 8


Review: This episode felt long. I know it went the same length of time as every other episode but honestly when this got to the midway point I had to wonder why it wasn't already finished as it felt like I'd been watching forever. Turns out the destroyed ship from last week with the two … Continue reading WorldEnd Episode 8

WorldEnd Episode 7


Review: We are introduced to two new fairies this week (though this show can't decide if they are fairies, leprechauns or spirits at this point and seem to use the terms more or less interchangeably depending on how cryptic they'd like to be at the time).  They don't get a lot of time in the … Continue reading WorldEnd Episode 7