March Comes In Like a Lion Episode 3


March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 3 Review:

Another match and another visit with the sisters. While I find Kiriyama’s commentary interesting and I still feel this is one of the better shows of the season, this episode didn’t do a lot (and that is the general problem with slice of life). There was a lot about the characters, though little that we didn’t already know or couldn’t have guessed, and pretty much nothing really happened. Probably the one point I latched onto in this episode was Rei Kiriyama actually wanting to win his match.

Before it felt like he wasn’t that interested in winning but when push came to shove this week, he didn’t want to lose. It kind of made him feel a little more connected to the world than I’d previously thought because before he just seemed to be drifting through his life and winning just kind of happened rather than being something he actually tried to accomplish.

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