Results Are In – Your Choice For Best Anime of Spring 2019

Spring has been a mixed season with early rumblings of a weak season and yet there have been some stand out performances. Earlier this week I released my rankings for the season but this post is all about you, the readers, and what you thought the best of the season was.

We’ll start at the bottom and work our way to the anime of the season as voted by you. All anime that received a vote will be mentioned. This time around there were 247 votes which is an excellent result. Thanks so much for participating.

1 Vote – Boruto Next Generations, Cardfight!! Vanguard: Zoku Koukousei-hen, Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena ,
Strike Witches: 501 Butai Hasshin Shimasu!, Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki, and Diamond no Ace: Act II.
Right, I haven’t watched any of these and have no idea what they are about or what they are like, but all of them received one vote from one of my readers for being the best (or at least most enjoyable) show of the season.

They agree on the important things – RobiHachi

1 Vote – RobiHachi and Shoumetsu Toshi
I was kind of happy both of these picked up a vote. While neither was particularly great they both had their moments, and RobiHachi certainly gives more than a few laughs if you stick with it.

2 Votes – Senryuu Shoujo, Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? and Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
The only one of those three I know much about is Senryuu Shoujo and it was a delight this season. The other two I’m kind of in the dark about, okay, I’ve read the synopsis for Nande Koko ni Sensei ga? and realised pretty quickly it wasn’t for me.

You did, you were so cute. – Senryuu Shoujo

3 Votes – Fairy Gone and Kono Oto Tomare!
Both of these had so much potential and it is great to see that some readers still found them highly enjoyable. For me, these two ended up fairly low on my list of preferences for the season, but they were both watchable and clearly there’s an audience out there for them.

Tono Oto Tomare was at its best when it focused on this delightful group.

4 Votes – JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze, Mix, Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine, and Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin.
Of these, the only one I’ve watched is Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin and I really enjoyed it. I was a bit surprised to see JoJo so low as I expected it to get a few more votes, but as I haven’t watched it I don’t really know whether it should have been higher on the list or not.

Sound advice from Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin.

5 Votes – One Punch Man Season 2
You know, considering all the controversy around the change in studios and the like, I’m actually really happy that 5 readers still threw their support behind One Punch Man. Season 2 has been surprisingly entertaining considering I thought season 1 more or less played the joke out so I’m happy with this getting some votes.

6 Votes – Fairy Tail: Final Series, Kenja no Mago, and Isekai Quartet
Right, so the only one I’ve watched here is Kenja no Mago and for those who like the generic isekai thing it is definitely a fun watch. Not a high quality watch mind you, but fun. I’m hopelessly behind with Fairy Tail as a franchise at this point so am not even considering the final series. Isekai Quartet is an interesting concept and the bloggers who have followed it seemed to really enjoy it. I avoided it because it was a comedy and because most of the characters involved came from shows I didn’t particularly like or finish in the first place. Still, the reviews of that one show it to be fairly entertaining for those into that kind of thing.

Just a romantic late night confession surrounded by friends – Kenja no Mago

7 Votes – Hitoribocchi,
No surprise this one got a lot of love. Reading reviews of it most people have found it utterly charming. The charm was a little lost on me but for those into school based slice of life anime it is definitely worth trying to see if it clicks for you.

Obvious to everyone but them – Hitoribocchi in a nutshell

10 Votes – Bungo Stray Dogs Season 3 and Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
I’m kind of surprised by how little buzz Bungo Stray Dogs has had given it is in its third season (okay, certain bloggers have given it a lot of buzz but there’s not a lot of general chatter). The fox one I just never got to so don’t really have an opinion on, but again other than a few key bloggers I haven’t heard a lot of chatter about it. Despite the lack of general conversation though, these two both took out 10 votes in the poll so clearly the fans are there even if they aren’t the vocal majority.

Yep, definitely worth checking out if you haven’t – Bungo Stray Dogs Season 3

11 Votes – Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
After the initial controversy finally died down, a lot of the conversation around this one kind of vanished as well. Still, it had some very loyal fans who have kept with it until the end. Overall it is a fairly enjoyable if reasonably average anime and I’m glad it got some recognition in this poll because it is entertaining enough.

If nothing else, The Rising of the Shield Hero gave us some excellent closure in the final episode.

14 Votes – Carole and Tuesday
Despite using 4 services to stream anime legally at this point, I still don’t actually have access to this title. It has been a favourite of a lot of reviewers but I suspect I’m not the only one without access given the number of votes. The problem with exclusive releases is unless you actually subscribe to that service you don’t get to see it. That said, if you do have access, all the reviews have been pretty optimistic about this so be sure to give it a go.

16 Votes – Sarazanmai
Right, I do have access to this one and this is on my list of titles that I didn’t watch this season to go back and check out at some point. My issue was I tried the first episode and it just didn’t click, at all so I put it on hold. However, I’ve continued to follow the reviews and chatter around this one and while the opinions are mixed there is a very vocal group of staunch supporters for this anime.

20 Votes – Dororo
Another one I didn’t have access to when it started but I’ve enjoyed reading along with those who have reviewed it. This one seems like an anime worth checking out and coming into fourth place in the reader’s poll kind of confirms that if you have access to it and haven’t given it a shot now might be the time to check it out. It is however a step back given after the Winter season Dororo was in 2nd place and because of that it will be going into the best of the year poll in December.

Affiliate Link – Figure

Top 3 – Going Into The Best of the Year Poll

29 Votes – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
No surprise this one made the top 3 though it certainly lost steam after episode 11 aired (I wonder why – *cough* Zenitsu *cough*). Still, it is a visually pleasing and fun story. The action has been solid, the pace is moving along nicely, and in general there’s very little to complain about. Looking forward to seeing more from this one.

Nezuko and Tanjiro - Demon Slayer
Brother and sister both equally determined – Demon Slayer

33 Votes – Fruits Basket
Turns out nostalgia is an amazing thing, that and this is one anime people have wanted rebooted forever because there was so much more to the story than we ever got in the original anime. And this is rebooting done right. Visually superior, great music, keeping those important moments but building more of the ongoing story because this time we’ll actually get to see it. Fruits Basket 2019 has been a winner and while I get the low key and emotional experience isn’t really for everyone, it is certainly worth trying. Incidentally, this one got an early lead in the poll but then ended up playing catch up with the number one title before that one finally got away from it.

She’s such a breath of fresh air – Fruits Basket


36 Votes – Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2
There is no surprise here. Anyone who has watched this season of Attack on Titan knows that it has been an emotional experience. Finally we get the right balance of horror, spectacle, plot, and character development in this series and it seems like it just keeps getting better this time around. For anyone who gave up on Attack on Titan after season 2, go back and pick it up. This was so worth it.

Tragedy has never looked so cool – Attack on Titan

Now, let me know what you think. Did the anime you voted for make it into the top 3? Do you think any of these might be the anime of the year given they are up against The Promised Neverland and Mob Psycho 100?

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Results Are In – Your Choice For Best Anime of Winter 2019

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 11 Subaru

Yay! Winter 2019 has been a fantastic season and while I shared my overall thoughts on the anime I watched this season earlier today, this post is about you, the reader and what you voted on.

So we’ll start at the bottom and work our way to the anime of the season as voted by you. All anime that received a vote will be mentioned. This time around there were 313 votes which is the most ever for one of these polls. Thanks so much for participating.

1 Vote – 3D Kanojo Season 2
I tried this. I didn’t hate season one. But episode one of season 2 did everything I didn’t like about season one in the one episode and so I decided to wait until the season was done before I picked it up. I guess that means I probably need to do that at some point.

1 Vote – The Magnificent Kotobuki
I haven’t really given this one a go and honestly none of the reviews I’ve read have really made me want to. Still, someone out there clearly likes it so maybe check out a review or give it a go.

1 Vote – The Price of Smiles
As much as I’ve defended the Price of Smiles during its run, anime of the season it really isn’t. Still, I was happy to see someone gave it a vote because it wasn’t actually that bad and some parts were actually reasonably good.

The Price of Smiles Episode 11

1 Vote – Pastel Memories
I tried an episode of this and it didn’t work for me. Very few people have covered it this season so I’m still undecided if I should go and try and binge it. Still, one person thinks it is worth the time.

1 Vote – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind
I oopsed and left this one off the polling list but one determined voter wrote it in. I’m guess this would have received more votes if it had been listed. Sorry.

2 Votes – Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka
Not for everyone, this is a dark magical girl story with a bit of a military colouring. There’s torture and fairly bleak situations for our fairly young heroes to face and the ending is pretty much a non-event. But in terms of dark magical girl stories, this one brings some interesting ideas and you could certainly do worse.

2 Votes – Meiji Tokyo Renka
Fair enough. This one isn’t anime of the season quality in any way, but it is a nice, average, and fun anime and one well worth checking out if you in any like reverse harems or time travel stories with a bit of a supernatural edge. It’s cute and harmless and I’ve had fun, but I fully understand why two votes is all this one collected.

3 Votes -Bang Dream Season 2
I didn’t watch season one and I’m not even really what this one is about. But three people think it is great so maybe check out a review of it.

3 Votes – Kemurikusa
Another one I accidentally left off the list to vote for and yet 3 people wrote it in – one in all caps so I assume they were frustrated that they couldn’t vote for it. I have no idea about this one at all but clearly some readers believe this one needs your attention.

4 Votes – Domestic Girlfriend
Kind of curious about this one getting four votes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a lot of fun with this trashy romance this season, but I still find it interesting that some have decided it is the top of the season.

Natsuo and Hina fireworks - Domestic Girlfriend - Episode 11

4 Votes – Date a Live 3
Haven’t watched season 2, don’t really intend to. Also haven’t really seen many reviews of this one so I was surprised to see it picking up votes.

4 Votes – Wataten! An Angel Flew Down To Me
Watched part of one episode of this. Not for me. Definitely worth checking out someone else’s review though to see if this is something you’d like.

6 Votes – Kakeguri xx
I didn’t get very far into season one of this one and have no idea what has happened in season two. Six people think it’s awesome though so maybe this one is worth trying if you watched the first season.

6 Votes – Endro
Honestly this one surprised me by how charming it actually has been and six votes here does not surprise me. There’s a definite appeal to this anime even if it doesn’t grab everyone.

Endro - Episode 11 - Yuusha

8 Votes – The Morose Mononokean Season 2
It got votes! Given how few people have been covering this anime I’m just happy that this one collected any votes. Season 2 has improved on season one in every way and has been highly entertaining. If you were waiting for it to finish before picking it up, now’s the time to binge.

9 Votes – Boogiepop wa Warawanai
Still haven’t actually finished watching this one. I’m finding it increasingly hard to do so. That said, for all that a lot of people find this one confusing and a little dull (and I’d be in that list), there are plenty of people who’ve found it to be quite a compelling story. 9 votes here reflects those who have really connected with this one.

12 Votes – The Quintessential Quintuplets
I’m honestly glad I didn’t cover this one this season. I watched a few more episodes beyond the first one after some positive reviews from other bloggers but it just isn’t my kind of story. That said, this one is probably one to read the reviews for because if you like the set up and style then you may very well have a good time with this one.

13 Votes – My Roommate is a Cat
This may very well be one of the underrated gems of the season. Not perfect by any means, but a really nice watch if you are looking for something low key with just enough feels to give you some warm-fuzzies at the end.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 8 Subaru and Haru

14 Votes – Sword Art Online Alicization
Colour me shocked that this even got 14 votes. I genuinely went into Sword Art Online Alicization wanting to enjoy it and have a good time given I’ve been a fan of the franchise since Aincrad, and to be honest I’ve been left mostly wondering where the fun has gone from the series. Still, some people are clearly still enjoying it and hopefully they will get what they are wanting from it when it continues.

19 Votes – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
I honestly expected this to be higher, at least higher than Shield Hero. However, on reflection, even the die hard fans of the show have gotten quieter during the second cour so maybe that slump kind of put them off a bit. Still, with a season two coming and a fairly strong core audience, I don’t think this is the last we’ve heard of slime.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 19 Rimuru

25 VotesThe Rising of the Shield Hero
I’m a little surprised this one made it so high. Certainly there are readers who have been enjoying it but there are plenty who have made it known that they don’t like this anime and find it quite problematic. And yet, here it is.

Affiliate Link

Top 5

26 Votes – Run With The Wind
So happy this made a top 5 appearance. I know this one has been very low key compared to some of the big names this season, but it was my pick for best of the season and really the sheer consistency of quality in this one as well as the wonderful way the drama of the story unfolded just made it pure joy to watch (when it wasn’t causing me to burst into tears of sadness, happiness, and frustration on the character’s behalves in the final few episodes).

Run With The Wind Episode 21

32 Votes – Kaguya-Sama Love is War
I knew this one would reach fairly high in the reader’s poll. While it is doing very little for me, it is an incredibly well made anime so if the characters and the comedy work at all for you I can fully see why this would be an enjoyable watch.

Anime Going into the Best of the Year Poll

33 Votes – Mob Psycho 100 Season 2
I haven’t finished season 1 and I wasn’t a fan so I certainly haven’t tried this. Still, I knew going into the vote, this one was going to be well favoured by my readers. The number of you covering it on your blogs and giving it glowing reviews speaks volumes. While not for me, this one has certainly been a crowd pleaser.

34 Votes – Dororo
Yeah, I can’t watch this one (no access). So we once again get the anime that’s been heaped with praise of the season that I couldn’t watch even if I wanted to. Eventually I will see it and alas by then the hype will have made it impossible to live up to, but hopefully it is sooner rather than later because I am very curious about this one.


49 Votes – The Promised Neverland
Okay, no surprise here. The Promised Neverland has just been good. Even if you aren’t a fan of the genre, each episode has been well put together and it has told a remarkably coherent story. This one was charming and excellent fun and I really hope we get more anime as well made as this one has been.

Now, let me know what you think. Did the anime you voted for make it into the top 3? Do you think any of these might be the anime of the year?

Thanks for reading
Karandi James
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Food Wars Episode 10


If you don’t know who won, stop reading and go watch the episode.

Is it wrong that I’m glad Akira won the election? Soma winning would have been ridiculous given the skill gap from the beginning. And then the do over. Serve your final dish in the first place. With Ryo, I just don’t like him very much as a character. Although, he and Alice do get some great moments. Her punching him in the back when he lost, him screaming at her, and then Alice storming off in a huff was one of the better moments in the episode. It was nice that Soma’s dad contacted him though I still have to question his method of parenting.

Lastly, see if we can finish the thought below.

Food Wars10b.JPG

I know the answer the show gives us but I started laughing when this line came along because I thought of a lot of ways this could be finished off.

Anyway, Food Wars is available on Crunchyroll and after 10 episodes we have finally finished this particularly cooking competition. It was kind of starting to remind me of The Asterisk War.