What Anime Look Interesting From the Fall 2021 Season?

Fall Anime 2021

The Summer 2021 Season of anime hasn’t been bad, but it also hasn’t been amazing. With the anime now winding up and as I start catching up on some binge watches of shows I wasn’t watching weekly, I do start thinking about the next anime season. So what anime look interesting from the Fall 2021 Season line up?

The sequels of the Fall 2021 season.

As with all anime seasons, there’s a number of sequel seasons coming out, and there’s very little surprise in that a number of these are very popular in lists such as LiveChart and MAL given they’ve already got an established audience. So which sequels will I end up watching?

As it turns out, not many. Largely because a lot of the shows with sequels are ones I haven’t followed earlier seasons of such as Date a Live (I did watch season one and part of season 2 but let it go).

Jobless Reincarnation returns for the Fall 2021 Season.

I will be watching the second season of Jobless Reincarnation though I haven’t decided if I’ll watch it episodically or just binge once it is done. I kind of enjoyed season one as there were some solid moments in it, but equally there were parts that rubbed me the wrong way so while I am happy to see more of this journey I’m not sure weekly watching would be the best option.

The other sequel I will watch is 86 2nd Season. Though, I haven’t yet finished season one so this is definitely on my list to do a binge watch of once it is done.

Anime likely to be on my watch list.

A curious thing about the Fall 2021 season are the sheer number of anime based on light novels or manga I’ve read some of in the last year or two. Which makes me curious to try them though I also don’t want a line up of only isekai stories as that could get a little tedious if there isn’t variety in my watch list.

The first of these is the ridiculously long titled ‘Shin no Nakama ja Nai to Yuusha no Party wo Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life suru Koto ni Shimashita‘ which definitely subscribes to the belief that your entire plot line should be present in your title: Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside. That said for a laid back slice of life story, I didn’t mind reading this one so I’m kind of keen to at least give the anime a go even if I end up leaving it for a binge watch.

Another anime I’m keen to see because I’m pretty sure I read part of the manga is Saihate no Paladin, and to be honest the story sounds pretty interesting. Besides, the promotional image on MAL just taps in to my sense of adventure (at least in stories – I’m not that adventurous in real life) and I really just want to watch it.

Saihate no Paladin

And while I’m not sure if it counts as isekai or not, I am curious about Platinum End. While battle royales are not usually my preferred type of story and death matches can become tedious, there’s enough going on in the Teaser PV that I’m at least intrigued and that the original creator is the same as for Death Note, that most definitely got my attention.

Something a bit different on my probably watch list is Visual Prison, and I will admit I was drawn to this one because the it is from A-1 Pictures and it has a supernatural and vampire genre tag. Seriously, I have to at least check it out. I don’t have much more information on it other than that and it is apparently an anime original so I’m keen to see how it ends up. This one I will probably watch episodically, provided it actually ends up released somewhere I can watch it as at the moment I can’t find out where it will be airing.

Another anime that grabbed my attention because of the supernatural genre, this one with a shounen ai tag thrown in as well is Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru. Seriously, a guy who can see spirits and a strong exorcist with poor social skills… This sounds like it is exactly my kind of anime even if it doesn’t end up being very good. Plus, one of the main voice actors is Nobunaga Shimazaki who has an voiced some really amazing characters from a huge range of anime so fingers crossed.

Sankaku Mado

I’m also really interested in a Sci-Fi anime, Deep Insanity: The Lost Child though as of yet have no idea where I’ll be able to watch it (or even if I will be able to). The PV isn’t giving much away but it looks great and I’m intrigued. I really hope this one comes out somewhere I can watch.

For something a little lighter, because I do need at least one comedy in my list each season, I’m probably looking at Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. It looks like a fairly standard school comedy and interestingly enough, I don’t think I’ve reviewed an anime by OLM before. Which is a little weird.

Less likely anime but I might give them a try if others don’t work out.

There’s Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru which I have definitely read the first volume of the light novel of. But that said, I never bothered to get the second volume. It was one of those stories that was easy to read but equally easy to forget. I didn’t dislike reading it by any means, but I’m not sure feeling particularly excited by the thought of an anime adaptation (though maybe the story will work better as an anime).

sekai saikou

I’m a little bit curious about Tesla Note though also kind of worried given the visuals don’t look amazing and the plot looks like it will get ridiculous fast. Actually it kind reminds me of this seasons D_Cide Traumerei the Animation which I didn’t even manage 3 episodes of so couldn’t even write about it for my Watch or Drop posts.

Mieruko-Chan is another one that looks kind of fun as a horror/comedy but it isn’t exactly high on my priority list. Still, I’ll probably give it a go particularly if one of the anime I’m thinking I’ll watch ends up being inaccessible or turns out to be a dud.

There’s probably a bunch of other anime I’ll end up at least trying the first episode of but for now I those are the titles that have caught my eye.

I’d love to know which anime you will be watching from the Fall 2021 season – be sure to share in the comments.

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Friday’s Feature: Choosing A Watch List When Faced With A Sea of Spring Anime

hero academia 3 two

The Spring 2018 anime season has started and so many bloggers, reviewers and just watchers are faced with the question of what will end up on their list. For some this is an easily answered question as they had already picked out 2 or 3 big titles that they intended to watch during the season and the rest will either wait or be forgotten, but for the rest of us watching a plethora of premiere episodes this can actually end up being quite a difficult decision.

The important thing to keep in mind is that there is no surefire way to pick a winner and regardless of what you end up watching, you always have the option of dropping mid-season and picking up something else. Or you can just keep going and at the end of the season check out those titles that slid past you. And at the end of the day, as long as you are having fun, what does it really matter? Still, there are some approaches I’ve watched other reviewers take when choosing their watch list that I’m going to share here and then I’d love to know how you pick your list.

Genre Matters

This method works for bloggers who have a very specific theme on their blog. For example some people review cute girls doing cute things and slice of life and that’s what they like to watch so their list is automatically narrowed down to titles that fit within those descriptions with maybe one or two outliers for variety. Other bloggers focus on shounen or romance or whatever it is that they have made their niche. It is quick and effective and if your blog is targeted at a specific genre or audience then it is probably a necessity in order to avoid brand confusion. Needless to say this doesn’t work for everyone, particularly those of us who while there are genres we’d prefer to watch don’t have any one genre that we’re crazy enough about to only watch that.

One From Each Box

This method is probably a bit better for people that like to cover a range of anime where the blogger picks a title from each major category or group for the season. So one cute girl anime and one action and one fantasy, etc. It gives some good variety and if the title they’ve picked ends up being a dud they can always swap a new one in. Of course, then you have to wonder how they pick that one title and in a season like last one, how would you narrow down your cute girl show?

No Sequels, No Spin-Offs, No Light Novel Adaptations

For those overwhelmed by the sheer volume of titles each season, having an exclusion clause can really narrow the field. It doesn’t really matter what it is you are excluding. Maybe yours would be ‘no pink haired heroines’, but essentially whatever you eliminate from the line up leaves you with less options to choose from possibly making the choice easier. Now while you might argue that this particular method means that the blogger in question is going to miss some good titles (obviously everyone wants to watch a spin-off light novel adaptation about a pink haired heroine) but realistically there are so many anime out there that even if they miss one brilliant entry because of their exclusion, they are likely to find a title or two that has been overlooked by others.

Try Everything Then Decide

This is probably the most time-consuming method but at least you get a taste of everything. Essentially, watch every first episode that floats across whatever streaming services you use and make the call based on what you see. Now if you were really committed you could give shows two or three episodes but that is a massive time commitment. The advantage is that you aren’t relying on the synopsis or second hand opinions, you genuinely make your own call after watching. The down side, other than the time commitment, is that you end up starting episodes you know you are going to hate – though it does make everything else look so much more sparkly.

My Method:

I kind of do a bit of all of the above when choosing a watch list. I try to watch everything I can but I already know there aren’t enough hours in the day to actually watch everything. There are definitely some episodes I’ve killed in less than five minutes due to wanting to save time and realising pretty quick that it isn’t the show for me. I eliminate all sequels where I haven’t watched previous seasons before beginning and I also eliminate most short form anime unless they really catch my attention in the write up. I used to eliminate all sports anime by default but I’ve caved on that and now give most of them at least half an episode to convince me to keep watching.


As for actually finalising the list, I do give preference to certain genres. Horror, fantasy, and supernatural stories will almost always get in over cute girl, high school, comedy stories. That said, I try to cover a range of genres because I know not all my readers are into bad horror or sub-par supernatural romances. That and, I also happen to like variety in my weekly viewing. There’s only so many edgy vampire wannabes getting transported into pseudo-medieval worlds while wearing trench coats before being attacked by werewolves that a girl can take in any given season (and I swear this story must exist somewhere). So once I’ve picked my list I run my eye over it to make sure I’ve got some variety for me and for my readers.


However, what I do know is that I do deliberately leave anime in my watch list that I know aren’t very good. Why? Because I actually enjoy things that aren’t well done from time to time. Because sometimes things improve. Because watching something that is bad can help you recognise when something is good. And the most important reason, it gives me perspective on average anime. Sometimes perfectly functional stories get torn apart because they aren’t great but when you actually watch anime that have a broken narrative and failed characters you realise that while average anime might be pretty dull, it is perfectly watchable. Of course, there’s a difference between leaving something in that might find a decent story and just watching something that is dreadful. Sometimes I miss that mark and put myself through some pretty painful episodes.

And given what I will keep watching, I have to wonder how Dances with the Dragons managed to go so wrong that it is a serious contender to be dropped.

So yes, when I finalise my watch list, while I hope the shows on it will end up being fun and entertaining, I usually know that I am signing up for at least one or two titles that are going to leave me shaking my head most episodes. Still, there are the occasional surprises and really no matter what you pick there will always be at least one title you leave off your list that you will later wish you had watched.


With all that said and done, the Spring Anime season is looking good. Sure there are some hits and misses already, but there’s quite a range of titles, some interesting sequels, some continuing anime from last season, and a lot of general excitement in the community. Hopefully we’ll all enjoy this season of anime.

Now, I’d love to know: How do you pick a watch list?

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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