Phantom in the Twilight Series Review: This Series Could Be Renamed Saving Shinyao

While this anime isn't exactly going to change the world it was perhaps one of the more fun titles from the Summer Season. If you like a bit of fun and action with vampires, werewolves and other things that go bump in the night and you'll probably find something to enjoy in Phantom in the Twilight.


Phantom in the Twilight Episode 12: A Mixed Finish

Phantom in the Twilight brought us to the end of the season and I will spoil the ending a bit and point out that they did finally save Shinyao (only took 11 episodes to do that). So with the main plot line resolved the question is how did this episode go for Ton and the rest of the staff from Cafe Forbidden?

Phantom in the Twilight Episode 11: Brainwashed Shinyao Is No Fun

I think the most surprising part of this episode was the reappearance of Van Helsing. I mean, we did see him escape hospital earlier but his literally dropping into the fight seemed really random. Outside of that, things progressed more or less as you would expect.

Phantom in the Twilight Episode 10: Shinyao’s Power Is Impressive, Yet We Now Have an Imminent Ton vs Shinyao Situation

Phantom in the Twilight Episode 10 - Shinyao

Definitely glad I picked up Phantom in the Twilight this season as despite some of the logical issues with the plot, it has been a whole lot of fun. The realisation that Shinyao is more than just the perpetual kidnap victim took awhile to sink in, but I think anyone who watches this episode will agree hers is a pretty impressive power.

Phantom in the Twilight Episode 9: Saving Shinyao has Become A Full Series Job

Phantom in the Twilight Episode 9

They really could rename this series Saving Shinyao the way its been going. The girl has been repeatedly kidnapped and on the run since the end of episode 1 and it seems like the Ton vs Shinyao scenario is far more likely (and I'm still not sure how I feel about that). This episode gave … Continue reading Phantom in the Twilight Episode 9: Saving Shinyao has Become A Full Series Job

Phantom in the Twilight Episode 8: Down Time

If this were still just Ton's story, than episode 8 would seem relatively fillery and kind of like they were trying to drag out a plot to a set number of episodes. However with Shinyao and Chris still on the run and bad guys manoeuvring for position, while the action is largely off screen there's still a sense of movement here.

Phantom in the Twilight Episode 7: Interesting Bait and Switch

After episode 6 spent a lot of effort talking up Van Helsing as a threat to fairly much diffuse him in moments this episode. But if viewers thought the tension was over for the episode (and I did) the rest becomes a pleasant surprise including giving us plenty of reason to keep watching.