Anime for the Season: Spring 2018 Week 2

You never know what the week has in store for you until you get to watching it. Second and third episodes came out this week and some really picked up my interest in the various anime, while others kind of made me wonder if I was really signing up for them or not. I did … Continue reading Anime for the Season: Spring 2018 Week 2


Anime for the Season: Spring 2018 Week 1

I was still very much in sampling mode this week as more and more titles launched for the spring season. I still haven't finalised my watch list though I am hoping to do so shortly. This season is odd because there are some shows that interest me with their subject matter but they aren't particularly … Continue reading Anime for the Season: Spring 2018 Week 1

Anime for the Season: Spring 2018 Preview

As we transition from the winter to the spring season it is once again time to do a taste test of the season before finalising a watch list by week 3. I'm changing up the format for these weekly overviews this season so hopefully you don't mind. Mostly, I felt the weekly overview was a … Continue reading Anime for the Season: Spring 2018 Preview

Autumn 2017 Week 7

And the strong season continues as we go into the second half of some shows (second quarter for others). I think my buzz words this season have been around 'feels', 'pretty', 'shiny', and 'wow' but that probably isn't a bad thing. It kind of means I'm having a great time watching even if I'm not … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 7

Autumn 2017 Week 5

This continues to be a fantastic season for me in finding anime that I have really taken a shine to. The shows aren't perfect and how many of them will stand a rewatch test after the fact (or even manage to end well) still remains to be seen, but so far I have genuinely loved … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 5

Friday’s Feature: With or Without?

There's this image a lot of people have of 'the' anime fan. There are variations on the theme but one point comes out again and again and that is that the anime fan must be a loner. I won't deny I watch a lot of anime on my own due to not knowing anyone anywhere … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: With or Without?

Autumn 2017 Week 3

We've reached the end of week 3 and normally I would have settled on what I'm watching for the season. However, in the interest of wanting to see Made in Abyss and a few other shows from last season (and then a couple this season), I've picked up a HiDive subscription for a little bit. … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 3

What I’m Watching

So this week Days didn't give us a new episode which kind of left a whole in my schedule. In addition, I've been on a break from work so between travelling and visiting people (I know I am actually having this thing called a life briefly) I've been re-watching some anime. First up, I finally … Continue reading What I’m Watching

Spring Overview Week 7

This week's thoughts on the Spring Season. And the dropping of shows continues. That said, I have now thoroughly picked up My Hero Academia and even though I'm a few episodes behind I will be adding it to the list. I'm also adding Assassination Classroom into the mix and I'll try to keep my reviews … Continue reading Spring Overview Week 7