Sengoku Night Blood Series Review: Colourful Nothingness



Yuzuki is a normal girl who one day gets transported to a different world that kind of resembles the warring states period in Japan only I’m pretty sure there weren’t werewolf or vampire pretty boys fighting that particular war. Turns out her blood resembles the missing Himemiko who used to protect the world with her power.


The first episode of this was pretty formula and ho-hum. Establishing scene of ordinary girl playing on her phone and then all surprised when she was transported to another world. However, instead of actively seeking any kind of explanation or answer she just kind of placidly goes along with whatever guy as the story unfolds. Really, I get that these sorts of stories aren’t exactly known for compelling story telling but this one doesn’t even try.


Mostly, I have to wonder why the characters are vampires and werewolves. Other than the slight attraction to Yuzuki’s blood and one scene during the final episode where her special blood is actually used for something, it is almost completely irrelevent to the story.  The various pretty boys either have pointed ears or wolf ears and mostly spend a lot of time standing around talking or reassuring Yuzuki as she goes through the motions of getting carted around, protected, kidnapped, kidnapped from the kidnappers, collected, abducted again and then rescued. Yep, she’s useless from start to finish and has one of those completely bland personalities where her only defining trait is she wants to help everyone else out.


Of the harem of boys very few of them actually have a distinct personality and there are so many of them that by the end they’ve all just blended into a very colourful mess of names and faces. Very colourful because they all took wardrobe advice from the costume designers of a final fantasy game. The excess of names thrown around in episode one didn’t bother me because they are mostly names we’ve heard in other stories set in the time period and I assumed (wrongly) they would eventually get fleshed out. Unfortunately, this show isn’t much interested in doing anything.


See, they set the story in the warring states period and alternative history containing vampires or not, one would assume that the main focus of the story would either be the whole war thing or at the very least Yuzuki getting home. However, both of these points are strictly background or not addressed at all and we end up with a final fight where all the warlords team up to beat up some monstrous thing that just kind of appears to abduct Yuzuki while she stands around looking helpless.


There’s also this weird filter thing they keep doing with the light when Yuzuki is looking at certain characters. I’m not sure why they use the effect or what its intended purpose was but mostly it made me rub my eyes to check and see if I was tired and the screen was blurring.


Basically, this is watchable and maybe if you really like watching the story of a girl we know nothing about other than she is nice having conversations with guys we know nothing about other than they are a vampire or a werewolf and have the name of a Japanese historical figure, then maybe you might enjoy this. For everyone else there are plenty of better shows and this is a very skippable affair.

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Sengoku Night Blood Episode 1: Diabolik Lovers Meets the Warring States?



One day, Yuzuki is enveloped by a mysterious light suddenly emanating from her cell phone and finds herself in an unfamiliar place. The scenery spread out before her almost resembles Sengoku period Japan– But this is another world known as “Shinga” where non-human creatures such as vampires and werewolves reside. Long ago, the various tribes of Shinga lived together peacefully under the protection of the Himemiko who possessed special blood. However, one day the Himemiko suddenly vanished. With the protection of the Himemiko gone, the world has fallen into a period of strife.

– from Crunchyroll



Okay, objectively I know that other than the appearance of this, which is very, very pretty, the story itself hasn’t done much yet and they’ve introduced way too many characters in a first episode for any of them to have more than a one defining trait personality at this point. If you ever wondered if the warring states era would be made better by subbing in pretty boy vampires and werewolves than this might be the answer for that curiosity but otherwise this first episode doesn’t give us much else.


Except perhaps an uncomfortable moment where the heroine of the story (and so far only female character in existence) has a cut on her neck that the main vampire guy forcibly licks despite her protests. Hey, at least he didn’t actually bite her and the animated saliva was only a little bit icky. Honestly, why do that?  Though, we don’t really know anything about her yet given she’s just kind of staring blankly at stuff after being teleported to a different world and dumped on the edge of a battle (she really needs a refund on her phone plan after that effort).


But despite my nit-picking, I’m going to admit I was pretty hooked during the run time. Admittedly, if you don’t know much about the conflict (as in you haven’t watched 6000 other anime set in the same time period) you may get totally lost as they just kind of throw a whole bunch of names at you, but this episode moved along fairly briskly and I’m not entirely opposed to watching pretty-boy samurai vampires for a season. As long as they lay-off the non-consensual neck licking.

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