Haikyuu Season 3 Series Review


Overview: After two seasons of this, you kind of already know this is an anime about the Karasuno volleyball team. Season 3 picks up immediately from season 2 and we see the final match to decide whether they get to go to nationals. I've previously reviewed season 1 + 2 of Haikyuu and I have … Continue reading Haikyuu Season 3 Series Review

Haikyuu Season 2 Series Review


Overview: Right, so if you've been living under a rock and haven't already been told the story of Haikyuu a million times (followed emphatically by people telling you to watch it immediately), it's the story of two guys who initially hate each other who end up on the same volleyball team. Or at least that's … Continue reading Haikyuu Season 2 Series Review

Haikyuu Episode 50


Review Episode 50: Haikyuu has this issue with season endings. Season 1 ended on a low note for the team and a point that would have driven me crazy if season 2 wasn't sitting ready to go. Season 2 has ended on a high note for the team but we didn't get to the end … Continue reading Haikyuu Episode 50

Haikyuu Episodes 48 + 49


Review Episode 48: The team are all ready to go into the third set and we're still moving those shining moments around the players from both teams, even spending some time getting backstory on player 16 from Aoba. Tsukishima is also getting his fair share of time to shine even though he kind of got … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 48 + 49

Haikyuu Episode 46 + 47


Review Episode 46: While the first set may have been satisfying but not thrilling, the writers shake things up again with the new player on the Aoba side. He's a wild card for both Karasuno and the audience and his playing style is kind of intense (if a little erratic). It kind of looks like … Continue reading Haikyuu Episode 46 + 47

Haikyuu Episodes 44 + 45


Review Episode 44: There's really not much to this episode. Aoba plays Date and while its interesting enough mostly we're just waiting to see who wins so we know who Karasuno are going to be playing next. After the Iron Wall goes down we see just how concerned some of the first years are about … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 44 + 45

Haikyuu Episodes 42 + 43


Review Episode 42: Well Daichi was down and pretty much out for the count. Admittedly he woke up pretty fast but the knocked out tooth and bleeding from the mouth does not bode well. So they replaced him with Ennoshita. And at first I had to wonder who on earth that was. Haikyuu once again … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 42 + 43

Haikyuu Episodes 40 + 41


Review Episode 40: The tournament starts and for once Hinata doesn't seem like a complete nervous wreck. After a slow start, Karasuno seemed to get used to their opponents and took the first set. Admittedly, Kageyama took a ball to the face and both Kageyama and Hinata ended up sitting out the end of that … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 40 + 41

Haikyuu Episodes 38 + 39


Review Episode 38: So 2 metre tall guy was a threat for all of four points and then Karasuno pretty much employed all the skills we've been watching them develop and took them out. It wasn't really much of a match in the end except it did confirm that they had improved, could deal with … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 38 + 39

Haikyuu Episodes 36 + 37

Haikyuu Episode 36

Review Episode 36: Okay, finally we finish the training camp and we get to the much anticipated BBQ. They didn't end up winning their last game but they learned and we got some interesting reflections and conversations following the game as various pairs and groups got stuck into yet more training. Then we see the … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 36 + 37