But What Happens When You Get Tired Of Anime?

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 12 Rimuru

I was asked this question, quite innocently, by someone in real life who actually expressed an interest in my blog and what I spend so much of my time working on. And I have to admit, I did have that momentary pause as I thought it through. It isn’t as though I haven’t had weekends where I haven’t been in the mood for watching that next episode of whatever (fairly recently my desire to finish Conception or Release the Spyce has been pretty low and A Certain Magical Index was dropped because I just couldn’t stomach watching anymore) or even seasons where it feels like there are slim pickings on shows I am genuinely interested to watch. More importantly, it is something I have seen happen to quite a number of other bloggers. They take a break and put the blog on hold or change topics for awhile because they feel they’ve hit a rut or they’ve lost their passion for anime.

Conception Episode 11 Itsuki

And there’s been a real glut of these kinds of announcements recently with reviewers and those who discuss anime deciding they need a break to re-find their passion or just explore other options. It makes sense that when you are putting so much of your time into one thing burn out is a real problem.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 11 Mai

For me though, that isn’t something I am overly worried about. While I have the off day or weekend where I am genuinely too tired or just over everything, for me stories have always been what have grounded me. Whether it is books, movies, TV, games, or any other form, I’ve always surrounded myself with stories. It is a feeling like no other for me; that moment of possibility and hope when I hit play on a new show or movie or crack open a novel for the first time. The pure joy found in watching Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai or falling in love with something like Girls’ Last Tour, or even just the fun of revisiting something like Sword Art Online, is more than enough to keep me coming back for more.


And specifically with anime, I think the reason I’m not concerned about ever getting too tired of it is because I don’t limit myself to a handful of genres. I’ll give pretty much anything a go (now that I’ve gotten over my snobbery about sports stories and I’ve become less inclined to drop shows that are in a genre I don’t like mostly because I want to give things a bit more of a go) and I’m regularly surprised by what shows end up grabbing me. And my tastes change with the season and with circumstances. Basically, every season is a new beginning and while I might end up disappointed by the end the wonderful thing about seasonal anime is it is seasonal. In three months time a whole new round of shows will roll out. In the meantime, it isn’t as though my watch list has actually gotten any shorter. There are a plethora of shows I genuinely want to watch that I just never had the time for so a slow season might give me that opportunity.


I think I might feel differently if I was just an anime fan. However, it isn’t actually anime I’m in love with. I’m in love with stories. Well crafted stories with great characters, trashy and predictable stories, stories that fall apart under the weight of too much ambition, characters that I can love, hate, feel something for, just experiencing stories. For me, anime is the medium that allows me to experience an incredible range of stories in a way that is fun and engaging. Some of them have great depth and others are completely shallow and cliché filled dribble and yet there’s always something out there and the next great story that will blow me away could be just a click away.

Voice of Fox Episode 6 Hu Li and Sky

So to answer the question of what happens when I get tired of anime, I would have to say that I don’t anticipate that happening. I anticipate the kinds of anime I like and what I look for in an anime to change over time as it has already, and I anticipate that there will be seasons where I get a bit stuck as nothing really grabs my interest, but given the wide variety of shows out there if I ever can’t find any anime that I want to watch it would have to be because I lost my love of stories. And that would be a very sad day indeed.

A question then to all the ani-bloggers out there: Do you ever worry you will get tired of anime?

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Feature: Prepare to Binge

Yuri - Yuri on Ice

Not a serious topic this week as we move into the Holiday weekend but I felt that given a lot of us will probably indulge in a bit of a binge over the holidays (you know, those of us who are avoiding spending actual time with people) might need a bit of a survival guide to a decent binge session (and I’d love for people to share their bingeing tips in the comments below).

Now, I mentioned this wasn’t serious as in honesty I will spend the various important days with family and close friends, but all those other days in between Christmas and New Years… well I can definitely see a few marathon viewing sessions calling me.

Before I get into preparation and tips for a good binge (and I take no responsibility if you take any of those tips seriously) I’ll just put out a few series that I am thinking about binge watching.

yuri on ice - definitely a must binge watch anime.

01. Yuri on Ice. Okay, it has been months since I watched this through from start to finish and it has been over a year since it came out. Definitely time for a marathon viewing session of this one.


02. Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon. I love this show. It is great fun and I haven’t watched it in awhile so this seems like a good time for a binge session.


03. Full Metal Panic. I mentioned that I loved this to someone the other day and then realised I hadn’t yet reviewed it so I’m going to try and binge it over the holidays so I can prepare a review of season 1, season 2 and probably fumoffu.

Should I get through that, there’s plenty of other shows on my list that I can add to the line up but to be honest if I get through all of that I will probably need some sort of medical attention so let’s get on to preparation.


Starting with the necessities for a decent binge, you have to figure out where you are going to do it. If you are like me and travelling from place to place to see family and so on during this time period finding a place can be tricky (though fortunately portable screens and hard drives make the how you are going to watch much easier).

Ideally you should have a TV with a large screen and a couch or beanbag to really get into a binge but we can’t always have the ideal. At the very least, you need a room with a door to shut the rest of the world out for at least three-hour blocks (or it doesn’t count as a binge session).

Key Coffee

Secondly, you are definitely going to need food and water stocks. And I know soft drink, chips and chocolate look fantastic as options but you are not going to last days on end with that sort of fare. Straight water is key to longer binge sessions and try and supplement some of those chip and chocolate snacks with bread and other grains for ongoing viewing.

Okay, the bread can have a healthy dose of nutella or similar on it if you really have to go for a junk food binge at the same time as an anime binge, but trust me, you’ll last longer with some semi-decent food in your system.


Thirdly, know what you are going to watch. Don’t set up for a binge and then wonder what to put on. Have a plan and be ready to press play. You’ll thank me later for that one if you are a king or queen of procrastination.


Finally, in preparation phase, you are going to need to be either be on your own, or have people that get your hobby. Otherwise they are just going to keep interrupting your flow and dragging you out of your zone. If you aren’t in a cooperative environment, forget it and plan a binge after the family time is done.

Now, as to tips for bingeing itself.

Don’t pause. No matter how good a scene might be or what you may have just missed, do not break the flow mid-episode. Plan bathroom breaks and things during closing credits or pauses between episodes but do not pause mid-episode. Once you start this it is far too easy to start pausing and doing other things which is certainly going to take you out of the binge zone.

Stick with one show until at least the half-way point. Binge sessions are signficantly easier to handle and more satisfying when you are making real progress through a narrative so don’t chop and change shows. Which is actually why bingeing works best with shows you have already watched because you shouldn’t get a few episodes in and want to drop it if you picked it for a binge.

If the show is an old favourite, do say your favourite lines, sing opening themes, get up and dance, or shout down the villain. Interaction and movement will all help you keep going and prevent atrophy in your limbs.

If you aren’t certain you can handle a binge session because you’ve never tried one before, pick a show with plenty of appeal (by appeal I mean cute guys/girls or plenty of action/comedy/whatever floats your boat). You don’t want to be in pain and you want to enjoy the session. Make sure you know exactly what you want from your viewing and pick a show that will give it to you in generous portions.

Lastly, and most importantly, don’t apologise because you want some time for you. No one asks the athlete to apologise for spending hours training or the concert musician for the hours of practice. This is your hobby and what you like to do, so don’t apologise. (That said, ensure you have met your family/friend obligations – humans are social creatures whether we want to admit that or not someday). But if you’ve done the family thing all Christmas Day and want three hours to yourself on Boxing Day there really isn’t any need to apologise for that.


Enjoy your Christmas and if you are planning a binge, I’d love to know what is on your watch list these holidays and what your strategies are for a successful binge watch.

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