Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 11: Save Cardia, Save the World



The race is on for Lupin and co to rush off and save Cardia off of Nemo’s Nautilus. That sounds a lot more dramatic than this episode actually is, but it kind of speaks for this show. It remains very careful as it steps through all the necessary parts of a story including this build to a climactic finish and yet there remains something lacking from this show.


Part of me wishes the harem didn’t exist and the story had maintained a tighter focus on Lupin and Cardia, or maybe more was done to build up Finis as some kind of threat and not a giggling maniac who ultimately just serves as a vessel for the actual and yet unseen villain of the story. Of course, the story is functional as is, it just isn’t terribly exciting.


Next week I guess we’ll see how Lupin didn’t die at the end of this episode and how he saves the girl. I just can’t really imagine any other ending at this point.

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Karandi James.