Yuri on Ice Guide To Episode 8

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At last we're heading to Russia in Episode 8: Yuri vs Yuri The Horror!! Rostelecom Cup, Short Program. Victor and Yuri overcame a real hurdle as coach and student in episode 7 and came to understand each other a lot more as people but how has that prepared them to take on the competition in Victor's homeland? Not to mention the long awaited rematch of Yuri Plisetsky against Yuri Katuski.

Yuri on Ice Guide To Episode 7

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We've made it to Episode 7: China's On! The Grand Prix Series Opening Event!! The Cup of China Free Skate. After episode 6 left us with Yuri as the lead contender in the competition we now get to see how that will impact on his very newly found confidence.

Yuri on Ice Guide To Episode 6

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Episode 6 is here: China's On! The Grand Prix Series Opening Event!! The Cup of China Short Program. This is also where most people who would criticise the repetition of the skating routines like to point to as the series low point. I disagree given we're seeing a far more refined version of the routine … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Guide To Episode 6

Yuri on Ice Guide To Episode 5

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Watching the routine, Yuri reflects on how he used to be and the inconsistencies in the performance. It is a great moment for Yuri as a character. He's very much an introvert and wrapped up in himself but Victor has forced the door open and he's started to pay attention to those around him.

Yuri on Ice Guide To Episode 4

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In stark contrast to the first three episodes, episode 4 begins without dialogue or narration. We see Yuri waking up, realising he is late and then running across the bridge to the ice-skating rink with only the sound of his footsteps, breathing, and a few comedic sound effects while changing clothes at double speed. It's a nice change given we've just overcome the first arc where Yuri has 'earned' the right to keep Victor has his coach and fended off his first rival for Victor's attention.

Yuri on Ice Guide To Episode 3

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All things considered, we don't see very much of Victor on the ice during the series, though it is worth noting that the season begins and ends with Victor skating, in episode one alone in the dark and at the end with Yuri.

Yuri on Ice Guide to Episode 2

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This mix of real character drama with just enough of a twist to make you smile without pushing into full on comedy and ultimately detracting from what should be the focus of the scene. While there are scenes that are definitely just meant to be comedy, mostly Yuri works as a character drama.

Yuri on Ice Guide To Episode 1

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Right from the opening sequence, this anime really grabs the viewer. It's so quiet with just the sound of the skates on the ice and then Yuri's narration while the viewer is mesmerised by Victor's presence on the ice. We see both characters as they were when Yuri first saw Victor on the ice to the present. There are so many links to events and ideas later in the show here as we see Yuri viewing Victor as something greater than a man, we see Victor reaching out toward Yuri, and we are introduced to the idea that Yuri is constantly surprised by Victor, something that he will try to overtake later in the series (for all his lack of confidence Yuri is certainly competitive).

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