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The Rules:

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-Share seven things about yourself
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I’d like to thank ospreyshire for this nomination. Now, if you don’t follow them, please go check out the link and their blog. Actually blogs. Ospreyshire runs multiple blogs to cover different topics and I have no idea how they manage it because that would be an organisational nightmare, so nothing but respect for their ability to seemingly do so without a hitch.

Seven Things:


01. I hate spiders that drop from ceilings. A spider in a web in some tree isn’t going to bother me. Nor is a spider just kind of crawling along doing its thing. But a spider above me that might drop down, will freak me out. And yes, this is because of numerous experiences of spiders doing just that.


02. I have always wanted a dragon that would stay small enough to fit on my shoulder. Seriously would be the cutest thing ever, particularly if it would breath flames at people who annoyed me. My kitten did used to ride on my shoulders when I would try to get ready for work but then she got just a fraction too big so now she sits on the window sill while I prepare. Still, shoulder dragon. Must have item in the future.


03. I love confetti. And bubble wrap. And glitter. This is something that surprises a lot of people about me because they think I’m too serious for these things, but it is impossible to be unhappy when it is raining glittery confetti if you have some bubble wrap to pop.


04. While I can cook (I usually claim a lack of ability), I get bored very easily while preparing food so have many mis-fires due to not paying attention, walking away and forgetting about something, or just because I stop reading the recipe mid-way through the process and just kind of throw stuff in. Sometimes it works out and my ‘concoction stew’ is one of my best dishes now – named by the poor person I inflict it on. It looks like a witch’s brew but it tastes pretty amazing.  At the very least, it will clear out your sinus issues with the amount of ginger and garlic that goes into it.


05. I sometimes come off as cynical or pessimistic because I like to point out the issues with an idea. It isn’t actually the case as I’m genuinely an optimistic person who wants the best to happen. I just know that pointing out the issues early on is the best way to avoid them and that can usually lead to a good outcome. People who misunderstand that about me, like to gloat later about how things worked out. I just kind of shrug and let them gloat knowing that they only avoided x, y or z because I pointed out that they hadn’t put anything in place to deal with it.


06. I never need to be woken up. Mostly that is because I don’t really sleep well in the first place, but I’m a huge morning person. If I set an alarm, no matter how tired I am, I will always wake up about twenty minutes before it goes off.


07. I always feel like I am behind when it comes to what is going on. I know that isn’t true, but I feel like I miss so much and then am always playing catch up. The problem is, by the time I catch up something new has happened and then I feel behind again.

The Nominations:

Sorry, but I’m letting this one end here for now. I’m pretty sure most people I thought of have already had a nomination for this one.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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