Who Is Your Valentine?

DAKAICHI Episode 1 - Junta and Takato

I asked on Twitter for people to reply with their anime Valentine. Here are the responses.


Top 5 Anime Confessions

Tuesday's Top 5

This week I'm counting down my top 5 anime confessions of all time. That heart stopping moment where the character finally admits how they feel has been used so many times and yet it never stops being such a great moment in a show. What are some of your favourite anime confessions?

Choosing An Anime Valentine

Friday's Feature Banner Image

As the day of pink hearts and chocolates fast approaches I'm wondering who I would pick as my anime Valentine. Let's go through some potential candidates and see who is in the mix.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Valentine Episodes

Tuesday's Top 5

Well it is Valentine's Day so today I'm counting down my top 5 favourite Valentine episodes. This was actually harder than it sounded because while I know I have watched a million different anime versions of Valentine's Day (seriously, this was not an exaggeration at all) I really struggled to remember which shows they were … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Valentine Episodes

Cheer Boys Episode 11

Review: Let's put cheering on hold and deal with all those pesky relationship issues that continue to remain unresolved. That seemed to be the theme this week and while everything here felt a little bit contrived it also felt like they were wrapping up loose ends nicely before the competition. I do feel that the … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 11

Assassination Classroom Episode 42

Review: After the momentum of the previous episodes this one shifts gears and stuffs around with Valentine's day chocolates and looking to the future. This episode is full of small vignettes between characters and it reveals little new information but consolidates relationships and developments that we've been aware of for awhile. The few half-hearted attempts … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Episode 42