Update on The Blog

Natsume Bottle

This is essentially a watered down version of an update I gave to patrons a few days ago. You may have noticed I've been super busy recently and I haven't been able to keep up my fairly intense, 3 post a day schedule that I maintained for the past few years. The short version is … Continue reading Update on The Blog

Travel Update 5 – Japan


The final days of the Japan trip in 2019.

Travel Update 3 – Japan

fushimi inari2

Well, about half-way through the trip and I feel like I've been rushing around double time so today I'm having a bit of a kick back and relax before I get ready to go, go, go again. There's just too many things to see and too few days left, but here's what I've been up to since the last update.

Travel Update 2 – Japan

sunset ueno

I'm continuing my travels, though I will admit, the dreaded cold hit me pretty hard yesterday and given it was pouring rain all day I opted to not wander around Akihabara and instead took a bit of a rest and went to some local bookshops and cafes to just kind of relax. I do however … Continue reading Travel Update 2 – Japan

Travel Update – Japan


Just an update on what I've been doing in Japan.

Patreon – Last Chance To Sign Up For A Dedication in the New Ebook

Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 8 Fireworks

Just an update for followers about the goings on over on patreon and a special offer running in December.

An Update on Patreon

Yuri on Ice Episode 5

Why Should You Become a Patron?

Every person will have a slightly different reason as to why they will decide to become someone's patron, but the shared idea is that they feel the content is worth supporting. However, I am going to be specific and lay out the reasons why I feel it is worth your time becoming a patron of my blog by the end of September:

Friday’s Feature: Blog Update


It has been awhile since I've just done a general update on the state of the blog and there's a few things I need to announce, explain and generally cover, so unfortunately, no real feature this week. Just me rambling to those who choose to read. Firstly: Taking a Break Okay, first bit of news … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Blog Update

Reflections and Some Announcements


Well, the Summer 2017 season has ended and we are now heading straight into the Autumn season. Looking forward to all the new anime to sample over the next couple of weeks before settling on a watch list. It has been awhile since I've done an end of month reflection so I thought now was … Continue reading Reflections and Some Announcements

Friday’s Feature: Just an Update This Week

katanagatari 02 shinichi togawa catching phrases in the desert 02

While I originally said during my anniversary I was taking two weeks off from seasonal anime reviewing in July, it turns out that due to a whole bunch of things lining up in the real world, I'm actually going to take off closer to a month, but only from seasonal reviews. The blog is going … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Just an Update This Week