Travel Update 3 – Japan

Wow, I feel like I’ve not sat still in days (that isn’t true given I had a couple of hours on the Shinkansen down to Kyoto and back again) and I am feeling super tired and yet still wanting to get out and go. There’s just so much to see and do while in Japan and even though I’ve been here before there’s so many places I’ve yet to see and places I’d love to get back to.

No where near enough hours for this place.

Okay, so since the last update I have hit Akihabara. I spent nearly six hours wandering around the area and even that wasn’t enough. I actually left not because I ran out of time but because I’d pretty much exhausted my designated budget for that part of the trip and staying any longer would have been hazardous to my ability to eat for the rest of the trip (and if you’ve been following me on Twitter you know that I am enjoying my food here).

So yes, I found treasure. And while I’ll take my time unboxing and taking some photos of it when I get home for now I’m keeping things firmly wrapped up so they survive the trip home. That said, the two main figures I got were both second hand and reboxed in the first place but it did make them infinitely more affordable. Ciel from Black Butler and Asuna from Sword Art Online will be making the trip home from Japan with me this time, and a third character who I am keeping under wraps because I plan on doing a give away for my blog anniversary so watch that space.

Can I keep them? Please?

Animate was also visited and I got myself a pencil case from Dakaichi, a Natsume acrylic stand, Banana Fish post cards, and a Platelet key chain. All and all, very happy with my wanderings except that one of the last shops I was visiting had an entire Natsume case filled with Nyanko and beautiful figures of almost all the main characters. Even the smallest ones however were just that little bit too pricey for their size and so I had to settle for the photo and the memory. Plus, I already grabbed figures of Natsume and Reiko last time I was in Japan. Fortunately, I did get some really cute Nyanko-Sensei stickers out of a vending machine later in Shibuya and I’m still looking out for an affordable plush Nyanko to join the one I got last year at Supernova.

Anyway, after the shopping was done I had to hop a Shinkansen to Kyoto which meant of course a bento dinner on the train. No photo unfortunately because I was starved and it was delicious so waiting for photography just wasn’t an option.

This is actually a really great way to spend a morning, well worth the visit.

With my one day in Kyoto, my friend and I hit the major tourist spots. I am going to firmly suggest that if you ever intend to go to the Fushimi Inari Shrine you go early. We arrived there at 7:30 in the morning and it was already difficult to get photos without other people in them. By the time we were finished (just after 12), it was mass chaos at the main shrine with tour groups, school groups and just people clustered everywhere. The only problem with going early is very few of the shops and food booths are open so stop at a convenience store on the way and grab some onigiri to eat on the go. By the time you come back everything will be open and you can grab some tasty skewers, corn, or pretty much anything to eat and then browse the souvenirs.

Also, where comfortable shoes and be ready for a hike. It isn’t a long distance by any means, but the time signs are misleading. When it says ten minutes to the summit what it means is approximately an hour if you stop for a moderate number of photos and if you have usual human stamina and need to take a couple of short stops because of the steps (keep in mind I go hiking for holidays semi-regularly and enjoy it so I’m not really that out of shape though my persistent cough probably was making the stairs a bit harder to take than normal). Then of course there’s the trip back. Also, other tourists are going to stop right in front of you without warning, or do random poses for their own photos and you just kind of have to deal with it. Fortunately the closer to the summit you get the less people there are.

I really loved walking around the shrine and exploring all the side paths and little shops along the way. It was great fun. The one thing that I would actually put as a negative is the persistent announcement over the loud speakers about not making eye-contact with wild boars or monkeys. It is really hard to enjoy a quiet and contemplative moment on a mountain when you have the same message blaring at you in multiple languages pretty much continuously.

I’d still recommend visiting.

After the shrine we hopped the train over to Arashiyama and checked out the bamboo path, a bunch of shrines, lots of tourist shops, the river, a scenic look out, and finally we headed over to the monkey park (oh my god more stairs – I was reminded well and truly that I was not over my cold when I had to stop the third time on this path to catch my breath). Totally worth it though. The monkeys are super cute.

Sakura flavoured ice-cream. Totally recommended. They also serve it blended with matcha ice-cream which was also pretty tasty.

Plus, and this is the real reason I’d recommend it, you get an absolutely brilliant view of Kyoto from the monkey park. Truly gorgeous.

I didn’t go into the cage and feed the monkeys but I did have fun standing above it and watching the other tourists in the cage reaching out with scraps of food and seeing the monkeys crawling over the outside swiping at them. There’s something amusing about the idea of putting the humans in the cage while the monkeys are freely roaming about the outside.

Seriously too cute.

Anyway, after all of that we hit a fairly quiet cafe for dinner. The next morning we decided to splurge a little on breakfast and hit up a buffet at one of the hotels that was on the top ten list of places to eat breakfast in Kyoto. So worth it serving both Japanese and Western food and a huge selection.

Sorry about the smudges, the window I was photographing through was dirty.

Another shinkansen ride back to Tokyo before hitting Shibuya for the afternoon and evening. Of course that means pictures of people scrambling on a crossing. By the way, the Animate in Shibuya actually had more Natsume items than the one in Akihabara. I also picked up some manga volumes in Japanese to do some translation practice with when I have free time (I know, free time isn’t something I come across very often).

Love the commitment to theme in this arcade. Random side-note, three floors are done in this style and then the fourth floor suddenly becomes like a roman bath scene. No idea why.

We finished the day with a visit to an arcade that is themed like it is from some post-apocalyptic novel in Kawasaki before going for train sushi.

Scallop sushi, my favourite.

Seriously need more hours in a day and I really need to get rid of this cold because after all of that running around I’m pretty run-down and needed to have a chill out day before I get going again tomorrow. Big plans ahead and plenty more to see.

Hopefully I’ll update in a couple more days and have some more fun moments to share.

Thanks for reading
Karandi James
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Travel Update 2 – Japan

I’m continuing my travels, though I will admit, the dreaded cold hit me pretty hard yesterday and given it was pouring rain all day I opted to not wander around Akihabara and instead took a bit of a rest and went to some local bookshops and cafes to just kind of relax. I do however intend to hop a train over to Akihabara just as soon as I finish drafting this update as it is not raining today and I’m feeling pretty good. If you missed my first update check it out here.

That said, I did spend the day before wandering about and spent the better part of the afternoon in Ueno. While waiting for my friend to finish work I went into the museum and absolutely fell in love with the building. There’s something about buildings that are used for museums. They are so old looking (even if they’ve been renovated) and the high ceilings, hard floors, really nice stair cases, little alcoves and large gallery rooms all just call out to me. There’s also the subdued lighting most museums opt for which I find quite relaxing and the fact that people are generally fairly quiet in museums. They are a lovely place to spend a few quiet hours even before you look at the exhibits.

I will say that you need to get there early enough to go into the gardens because they are gorgeous. They close the garden at 4 even though the museum is open until 5, and so I only had a little bit of time in the gardens before I had to leave but I’m really glad I got to go in. As for the museum, I loved going through the building that had the Chinese exhibits, particularly the calligraphy section but once I got over to the building housing the Japanese exhibits I was just blown away by some of the displays.

Given I didn’t have a lot of time I didn’t pay the extra to go into he current special exhibit which is a shame because it looked kind of cool, but there was more than enough for me to look at just in the main section and I didn’t get to everything before I had to go.

Still, can’t complain about leaving the museum when I got to walk down the avenue looking at the cherry blossoms. Admittedly, they are on their last legs and you could kind of tell, but given I didn’t think they’d still be out at all when I arrived I’m thrilled that there were flowers to look at.

The food stalls were also really fun and I could have eaten literally everything. Unfortunately, we were in a little bit of a rush because we wanted to do that cliche tourist thing and take a paddle boat out onto the lake to look at the blossoms. And of course we wanted it to be swan shaped because why not.

I’m just going to point out the steering mechanisms in those boats are absolute rubbish so collisions are almost inevitable. That said, you can get right up next to the blossoms and really, given we were the last possible time slot for the day, the sun was setting and it was just silly fun.

Bit of shopping and walking around the area for a few hours before heading back to the apartment and it was just kind of a perfect day. Then I got sick, but I kind of expected that. I live in the middle of nowhere with very few people coming and going. I get sick every time I travel and I’ve kind of just accepted that. Still, today I am mostly recovered and ready to go so the plan is to hit Akihabara and then prepare for a trip down to Kyoto.

I probably won’t update again until after that but in the meanwhile I hope everyone is well and sorry I haven’t read all that many blog posts in the last few days.

Thanks for reading
Karandi James
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Travel Update – Japan

So I haven’t posted on my blog in two days. That’s the first time in nearly three years I haven’t had a post go out. Honestly though, I think this is a good opportunity for me to take a little bit of a break and when I return home get back into my schedule.

Cherry Blossoms
And there’s still blossoms. I was worried I had missed them all but there are still plenty of flower to go and see if only the weather would cooperate.

The flight went smoothly enough from Brisbane to Japan with a very brief stop in Korea. The biggest issue being the delay at BNE meant that my one hour to get through security and to my connection turned into 25 minutes and of course the connecting flight was at the far end. I made it barely a minute before boarding began and was very happy to sink back into my economy class chair and fall asleep for the final leg of the flight.

Venus Fort and Ferris Wheel Odaiba

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know I spent most of yesterday just kind of wandering around Odaiba. It was very fun in an aimless kind of way and kept me mostly out of the rain. In the evening we stopped by Tokyo Station to sort out some tickets because in a couple of days I’m taking an overnight trip down to Kyoto.


Probably my highlight from yesterday was finding a gatcha machine that had key chains from Run With The Wind in it. Of course I fed it my coins and it gave me Musa. I was tempted to try again but then the UFO catcher with Sakura from Cardcaptor caught my eye. It certainly did a good job of cleaning out my change and did not yield its prize. Going to be honest, I just kind of suck. I did however have a few rounds of space invaders while in the arcade and that was just pure fun.

Space Invaders

Today, I’ve had an early breakfast before my friend has had to brave rush hour on the trains to get to work and we’re meeting up later to go look at some blossoms and do the silly tourist things that tourists do. I’m killing some time back at the apartment because nothing opens until 10 or 11 anyway so I’d rather save my feet and walking for when there are things open but I’m going to meander around the local shopping district and see what I can find before slowly making my way toward Ueno.

Crows in the shopping district
By the way, these crows clearly have it in for people in the shopping district. One of them threw an avocado shell at me while I was walking. Another dropped a bag on a woman who passed underneath them. Then they sit up there and caw at people.

All and all, I’m having a great time and looking forward to what the next couple of days bring.

Thanks for reading
Karandi James
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Patreon – Last Chance To Sign Up For A Dedication in the New Ebook

Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 8 Fireworks

This one is a really quick update on Patreon. As you may have seen on Twitter, during December I am running a ‘special offer’ for new patrons who sign up to the $2 a month or higher for December and keep the subscription until at least the first of January or for ongoing patrons who are already paying $2 a month or higher (or choose to upgrade for December and January).

It’s not huge, but pretty much anyone who signs on during the offer will get a shout out in the dedication of my ebook ‘Thoughts on Anime 2018’ which will be released January 20, they’ll also get their name and link added in the thank-you on the bookshop page on 100 Word Anime.

Karandi's Bookshop Feature Image

Of course, they also get access to the episode reviews that have been written exclusive for patrons this year. So Darling in the Franxx episode reviews as well as my first attempt at a video review for the whole season, Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi episode reviews and second (fairly dodgy) attempt at a video review, and the current episode reviews for Bloom Into You. You’ll also get a copy of the ebook once it is out as a thank-you for being a patron (and all patrons are offered a copy of the 2017 ebook on sign up, even at the $1 a month level – all existing patrons prior to December will be offered the 2018 ebook).

Next year I am going to continue to try to build content for patrons, though it is a tricky balance because I do want the majority of my content to remain freely available to my readers. I really appreciate everyone who follows my blog and engages with my posts.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 6

For those who would like to support the blog next year but aren’t really wanting to sign on to patreon, you have two others options. You can buy me a coffee or use Paypal donate for a one time payment rather than an ongoing one. I can’t actually run an official special offer on either of those, but if you do use either of these options in December and spend at least $4, I will include you in the book dedication and once the book is available I will offer you a copy via email as a thank-you (which means you will need to leave the means for me to contact you).

As I said, I know it isn’t much, but I am hoping to continue to grow next year. I’ll hopefully be running the blog’s first real competition with actual prizes next year for the anniversary in May (continuing to work on building up some items to use for that – and saving money for postage because I’d like to make sure all of my readers can participate). I am also hoping to continue to try out audio and video posts periodically and let my patrons tell me what I need to work on. While these are definitely side projects at the moment and fairly sporadic given my ongoing work schedule, the dream is to make the blog a full time project and I’m continuing to work toward that.

Please consider becoming a patron, even if only for a short period as it really does help make the blog more viable.

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An Update on Patreon

Yuri on Ice Episode 5

Earlier today I celebrated reaching 10,000 views in a month on my blog. This was such an exciting milestone to reach and one I’m incredibly happy about. But it made me reflect on what is actually next for the blog.

Over the past year and a half (since deciding to try monetising the blog) it has occurred to me that I am really bad at selling myself. Okay, I already knew that given I’ve previously described myself as a ‘mostly functional human being’ in a job interview or words to that affect, but it has occurred to me how contradictory I am being. On the one hand, I really want my blog to end up being something full time and not a hobby which means I need to sell myself as a writer but on the other hand explicitly promoting my Patreon always feels pushy.

The occasional tweet reminder and the small button at the bottom of posts is usually about all I really do to promote my Patreon page because any other time when I go to write something I just think it sounds like I’m being obnoxious. And if you find it obnoxious, I’m going to warn you, now is the time to bail out of this post because what this post is going to be is an outline as to why I feel people should become Patrons of 100 Word Anime, a thanks to those who have been patrons, and a look toward the future.

So, full disclosure and no trying to sneak in a sales pitch. This is a sales pitch for my blog and hopefully you stick around to read it.

Cells at Work Episode 8

Why Should You Become a Patron?

Every person will have a slightly different reason as to why they will decide to become someone’s patron, but the shared idea is that they feel the content is worth supporting. However, I am going to be specific and lay out the reasons why I feel it is worth your time becoming a patron of my blog by the end of September:

01. By becoming a patron for even $1 per month, you will gain access to patron only posts that are currently password protected. While there aren’t as many of these as I would have liked for this year with sickness and a few other issues making it harder to do extra content,  there’s still a fair amount of content that you will gain instant access to. This includes some audio blogs, episode reviews of Darling in the Franxx and the currently airing Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi, and my so far only video review for Darling in the Franxx (both the first and second versions of it).

While that isn’t an amazing amount of content, it is a growing pool of content created for patrons as a thanks for helping me to achieving my goal of one day being a full time anime blogger and looking at other forms of content other than written (even if written content will remain my primary focus). While working full time and maintaining my usual content takes a lot of my time, I’m going to keep working to increase output for patrons to help them feel that they are getting a little something back for their support.

The other part of being a patron is that should you wish to have a say on content (a particular show you would like to be reviewed for patrons during the season) being a patron gives you access to this. The Summer season didn’t have any requests so there isn’t a title being reviewed for patrons only, but as we enter the Autumn season we will see if anything gets suggested.


02. The second reason for signing up to be a patron by the end of September is because all of my patrons have been offered a PDF version of the book Thoughts on Anime 2017, and anyone who becomes a patron before the end of September this year and maintains their status as a patron until at least the end of December (so $4 total if you pledge $1 a month), will have access to 2017’s book immediately after September and the second release, Thoughts on Anime 2018 in PDF form which will be released in January and already has much more content packed into it than last year’s release. Seriously, it needs an edit but it is already topping 200,000 words and contains my features, top 5’s, episode and series reviews for 2018 to date and will also have some small amount of totally new content added in once I’ve got it into a state that doesn’t make me want to delete it.

Thoughts on Anime

03. If you happen to pledge more than $1 a month, you start opening up access to requests for post topics, guest posts for your own blog, or requested reviews of streaming anime where each episode review will include a link to your blog as the person who has requested it. While none of these are amazing rewards, it does give you increased access to control over the content on 100 Word Anime. I’m also fairly open to discussion about what else could be offered to patrons so if you think of something you would like as a reward let me know via my contact page or a DM on Twitter.

If you want to know all the reward levels, be sure to check them out on Patreon. And again, if you want to negotiate your own reward I’m very happy to discuss.

I am aware that many people out there are struggling and while they might like to be patrons it just isn’t possible. I’m very grateful for all my readers and the support you give the blog through visiting and reading content, your likes and comments, and making me feel like a welcome member of the community.

thank you

A Million Thank-Yous

Now, I know some of my Patrons aren’t listed and some of the links need updating. Part of this is because some patrons have chosen to remain anonymous and part of it is because I haven’t got the current link or name the patron wants to list. However, I want all of my patrons to know how much I appreciate you. Over the past year I’ve started closing in on that first goal of $50 a month and I am definitely continuing to work on developing more content for you. As always, if you have suggestions of things you would like to see on the blog or improvements I could make, message me. I value your input greatly and I want 100 Word Anime to be a blog you enjoy.

And, if you are a patron and you are missing from the list below, or your link is wrong (and you didn’t ask to be anonymous), please contact me. I will update the about page and ensure your links are accurate and I also want to add links into the sidebar of my blog for my patrons so I want to make sure they are correct. I’m going to contact you sometime this month requesting an image you would like associated with your link so that I can put this together. If you continue to not want to be listed, that’s also fine.

thank you

The Future

As we continue on this blogging journey, I’m continuing to work to improve the blog and ensure there is content people want to read on it. When I reach that first target of $50 a month, I am aiming to ensure that patrons gain access to video content on a semi-regular basis in addition to the normal blog content.  At $100 I am going to remove WordAds and minimise all other advertising on the blog. Should I actually make it to $500 a month, the goal is to produce to video posts every month in addition to existing content, as at that stage I will be able to step back in my role at my day job and focus more on blogging.

Looking beyond that point is hard because I’m not really sure how long it will take to get there. Still with reaching the 10,000 view goal, I really feel positive that I can achieve this. I do know that whatever direction the blog goes in, I’m going to continue to work hard to make it the best it can be. If I were to look really far into the future when the blog was actually a full time job I’d certainly be looking to take on other writers at some point in order to expand the range of anime covered here. However that is a very distant future goal (or feels like it at this point).

Cells at Work Episode 8

For those who made it to the end of the post, thanks for your time and thanks for listening to my sales pitch. As always, you can use the links below to support the blog by becoming a patron, buying me coffee, or you can make a one off donation into PayPal.

Let’s have fun discussing anime now and into the future.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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Friday’s Feature: Blog Update

It has been awhile since I’ve just done a general update on the state of the blog and there’s a few things I need to announce, explain and generally cover, so unfortunately, no real feature this week. Just me rambling to those who choose to read.

Kirito - relax

Firstly: Taking a Break

Okay, first bit of news is that I am taking a quick break from the blog. From July 2nd until July 7th I will not be watching any anime, writing any posts, reading any posts, or actually accessing anything on my online accounts at all. Part of this is because I was travelling anyway. The other part is due to how my health has been recently, I decided I needed to just stop fully and allow myself the recovery time. Hopefully this means when I return on July 7th I will be bouncing with energy and ready to catch up on the first episodes of the Summer Anime season which I am really looking forward to.

Normally when I know I’m going to be a way I do a lot of pre-work to make sure I still have posts going out. This time is different. The only posts going out during this break are re-posts of old anime series reviews that some of my newer followers may not have seen. So some of my favourite series will have their review published again.

However, from July 8th, I will hopefully be fully back with all my usual posts and features, and again, hopefully feeling much refreshed. This is the first genuine break from blogging I’ve had in two years, so I kind of felt it was time.

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Secondly: Ko-fi

Yeah, I finally signed up for a Ko-fi account and have added a Pay Pal donate button to the sidebar. Given I know there are some people who would like to support the blog but aren’t willing to commit to an ongoing payment such as Patreon I’ve added these options.

As I come to the end of my first full financial year having monetised my blog, I look back and see that I have finally broken even. Still, this is a long way from having a blog that is able to be more than a hobby so I’m going to continue to work on this.

While the Patreon is for building a more consistent income to the blog that will allow me to look at different types of content creation particularly looking at producing video content in the future, Ko-Fi is definitely more about short term goals. The first one is to commission some art for the blog including a more professional looking banner and profile picture.

As always, I want to thank everyone who has offered support to the blog so far. Whether that was through Patreon or through buying the ebook. It is appreciated and I know the last couple of months haven’t been great, but I’m definitely looking forward and am committed to improvement. Please feel free to message me if you want to give feedback about the blog or suggest how 100 Word Anime could improve in the future.

It’s hard to talk about Summer Anime in the middle of Winter, but that’s the way it is.

Thirdly: Summer Anime 

While I am going to continue with a few ongoing shows from the Spring season I have decided to only review ten shows from the Summer line up. I’ll probably end up watching more but I won’t be posting reviews on them. One of these shows will end up being reviewed for patrons only, leaving nine shows on the review schedule for everyone else (outside of the carry over shows from Spring). This is probably the lightest review load I’ve given myself for awhile but that is because I want some time to produce other content outside of episode reviews.

Vash and Wolfwood.jpeg

Finally: Guest Posts

I’d like to open up 100 Word Anime to hosting a guest post each month from another blogger. I’d be happy to do an exchange of posts, or just host the other blogger depending on what works for them.

If you are interested in being apart of this for the end of July, please send me a message on Twitter or use the contact on the blog with your post idea and I’ll respond after I return from my break. I’m mostly looking for content I wouldn’t necessarily write myself, so maybe a focus on Slice of Life anime or Yuri or something similar would be great if you are interested. That doesn’t mean I won’t consider other suggestions as I’ll probably just be really happy someone is interested.

thank you

A Huge Thank-You

I really should say this more often, but thank to those who continue to support the blog. It has been so much fun meeting all of you and discussing anime and I’m looking forward to getting back into it after my short time away.

Sunday I will be hosting Jon’s Creator Showcase and will also announce the poll results for the best and worst anime of the season, so be sure to visit the blog and check out some of the great content in the Showcase and leave a comment about your favourite and least favourite anime of the season.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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Friday’s Feature: A Blog Update for 2018

Well, 2017 has been a great year for the blog and I’ve continued to meet many wonderful people in the ani-blogging community. I’d like to throw a huge thank-you to everyone who continues to support my blog and for everyone who I’ve had the chance to meet through the blog.

This really is just a short update post about a few thing coming and changing for 2018. Patrons, if you want all the details you can read them here (hopefully the link works otherwise the post is just on my patreon page for patrons to read).

First up, we have the count down that will continue until the end of January. Again, patrons who want to know what is happening at the end of the count down, you can read it on patreon, for everyone else you are just going to have to wait until the end of January.


Secondly, about Patreon. My stated goal on the patreon website is $500 a month at which stage I am committing to video blogging because I will be able to reduce work hours to actually accommodate it. That remains the long term goal, however I am aware I need to be doing more for those who take steps to support me as I try to grow the blog into something more than just an obsessive hobby.

On that note, there are two things I am committing to in 2018 regardless of how many or how few patrons I have.

The first is that patrons will have the right to choose one show each anime season that will be reviewed exclusively for patrons (the posts after episode 3 will be password protected) and that includes the final series review after the show is done. I’ve been hesitant to lock content behind passwords because the point of my blog is to talk about anime with people but I’ve decided this is something I need to do to give patrons a thank-you for their extra show of support. As I review at least 12 shows each season (this last season I was reviewing 15 shows) even with this, followers will still have a good range of content freely available on the blog.

The second is that while video blogging is a little beyond my time management at the moment as it requires a skill set I am still learning and I just don’t have the time to consistently work on it, I am committing to an audio blog post once a month again for patron access only. Patrons will also get a vote on what topic the post will focus on. This will start from February with the first vote open to patrons in the last week of January.

serena and Darien

What does this mean?

For most followers, it means very little. The rest of the content will remain as it always was and I will continue to enjoy seeing your comments and discussing anime with you. However, it does also give patrons a bit more for their patronage and as time goes on I am hoping to continue to increase what I can offer to patrons (though suggestions about what patrons want are always appreciated). A full review of the rewards offered (which at the moment aren’t much) will take place over the coming months and hopefully the revised reward tiers will be unveiled for the blog’s second anniversary in May.

I know the patron fee structure change rubbed a lot of people the wrong way (and then the reversal of that decision just seemed like it added to confusion), and I appreciate the patrons who have stuck with me over the year as January marks 12 months on patreon for me. I also know a lot of people would like to support the blog but have their own financial situations to consider.

So once again, I say thank-you to everyone. Thank-you for making me feel welcome in the community when I first started blogging. Thank-you for following me this far. Thank-you for all your comments over the last year and a bit.

thank you

And here’s the final point. The second anniversary for the 1st of May. For my first blog anniversary I celebrated over a week and I see no reason to change that in 2018. I also asked for volunteers to participate in my anniversary and I will be doing that again (though slightly differently) in 2018. Basically, watch this space and if you want to get involved, be sure to contact me once I put out more details. Realistically I’ll probably start recruiting people at the end of February. If you are a newer follower and missed my first anniversary, all the anniversary posts can be found here.

Hoping everyone has a great new year’s and a very productive 2018.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.