30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 3

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Day 3: Most Underrated Anime.

I somehow don’t think any of my choices are going to stand up here but I’ve got a few anime that I think should get a bit more attention. For a romance I’d have to go with one I recently suggested to Kapodaco for their Summer of Anime and that is Natsuyuki Rendezvous. This also came up in Kurumi Shim’s recent list of romance anime that don’t get recommended very often by fans.


It’s an anime that is incredibly sweet but has its bitter moments. The characters are really great but they are all ordinary people (even the ghost is just kind of a guy who died rather than anything particularly different). I think its the blend of the very ordinary with the minor bits of the supernatural and just the handling of the characters’ emotions that end up really selling the show. Basically, it is great to watch but doesn’t get a lot of attention.


For something¬† a bit darker that gets overlooked a lot I’d got with Bokurano. It is completely unsettling and while the series has plenty of issues, it is pretty compelling viewing once you get into it and it will definition unsettle you. This one made my top 5 recommendations for Halloween last year and I totally stand by that.

Okay, which anime do you feel are underrated?

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