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After 8 episodes we finally make some Udon in this show. This of course sends Souta into a reminiscence of all the things he should have talked to his father about before he died. The other part of this episode is Poco himself as he struggles to keep his promise to Souta to keep his ears and tail hidden. It seems things are going to come to a head soon with Souta having to face the issue of whether or not he can actually stay with Poco. This episode is deliberately working at hitting your heart strings and for the most part is succeeding and Poco as a Tanuki is adorable.

Poco’s Udon World is available on Crunchyroll.

Poco’s Udon World Episodes 1 – 6 Review


Poco’s Udon World Overview:

In Poco’s Udon World 30 year old Souta returns home after the death of his father to clean the family home and Udon shop for sale but finds a strange child in a pot. Turns out the child is actually a tanuki disguised as a human child.

Poco’s Udon World Episodes 1 – 6 Review:

I picked this up randomly one evening and ended up watching six episodes straight through which kind of indicates I was in to it or too lazy to turn it off. I’m going to point out that this is not my usual style of anime and the whole lonely single guy takes in lost child plot is really not one of my favourites. Yet there’s something fairly compelling about Poco’s Udon World even while not a lot has really happened.

The main focus is on Souta and how he is dealing with life and the choices he made. He spends a lot of time wondering if he made the right choice leaving the country to work in the city and whether or not he should return and what any of that would mean. He talk with friends both from the country and the city as they go on various nostalgia trips. But he also spends a lot of time with Poco (the name he gives the Tanuki). Poco works really well in the adorable child role and seldom becomes too irritating and actually manages to balance cute and helpless most of the time.

So yeah, not a lot happens as it is a character driven slice of life for the most part and if I’d watched this week to week for six episodes I’d have dropped it back at episode 3. But because I watched it in a block I kind of enjoyed it and I’m going to watch the rest of the episodes that are out and then finish it week to week, so I’ll add it in to my list at the end of this week. It’s kind of pretty, the characters are interesting enough, and plot wise a few things have happened though that isn’t really the main focus.

Poco’s Udon World is available on Crunchyroll.

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