Trickster Episode 12

Review: At the start of this episode it kind of looked like Kobayashi was actually going to do something and maybe we were going to get closer to the mystery of his bubble power but of course, this is Trickster. Instead he simply walks through the chaos (with the occasional bullet getting within what should … Continue reading Trickster Episode 12

Trickster Episode 9

Review: So, Trickster, is that really the hand you want to play? Okay, 90% of this episode is boring, predictable, or boringly predictable. We get the conclusion to the whole brother in the compound and it is incredibly anticlimactic and you could almost write every line of dialogue if you just run a sieve through … Continue reading Trickster Episode 9

Trickster Episode 7

Review: So we finally know a bit about Akechi's back story and his relationship with Twenty Faces in Trickster. The issue being that it isn't interesting. Okay, Akechi had a terrible childhood and ran away after his mentor died while carrying excessive guilt about being the one who killed both his mentor and his father … Continue reading Trickster Episode 7