Tweets on March Comes in Like A Lion


No real surprise that I’ve become a little bit obsessed with March Comes in Like a Lion season 2 and so I’ve been having a great deal of fun reading people’s tweets and blog posts about it. While I share a lot of the blog posts I come across through my In Case You Missed It posts I decided this week to share some Tweets I’ve come across for this anime.

Anyway, March Comes in Like a Lion has been pretty amazing and I’ve been gushing for the last few episodes. It is nice to find so many like minded people on Twitter trying to find ways to express just how fantastic this show has been.

Note – This probably isn’t going to be a regular thing, but at the moment I’m still figuring out what to fill the Evil or Live gap in my schedule with so I thought I’d try a few different things and decide what works.

Thanks for reading.

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