Top 5 Blonde Anime Girls

Top 5 Blonde Anime Girls - List

Counting down my picks for top 5 blonde anime girls. Who are the stylish characters who placed and who would you have picked for your list?

Top 5: Use of Phones in Anime

Top 5 Use of Phones in Anime

There are so many anime that incorporate the use of phones into their story. So what are my favourite uses of phones in anime? And what are yours?

Top 5: Character Poses

Tuesday's Top 5

Everyone know anime characters like to pose but what are the top 5 anime character poses? These are my pick

Top 5 Sports Anime That Maybe Almost Convinced Me To Play A Sport

Tuesday's Top 5

Today I'm looking at the 5 sports anime that while watching I at least entertained the idea of maybe playing the sport on offer. Usually common sense prevailed and I didn't actually go forth and sport however given my recent joining of a volleyball comp I have to question how much anime influences my life choices.

Top 5: Anime by Studio J.C.Staff (updated)

Tuesday's Top 5

Studio J.C.Staff have a lot of big name anime out there. Choosing just 5 is quite the challenge.

Top 5: Non-Weapon Items Used as Weapons (not usually of mass-destruction)

Tuesday's Top 5

There's a lot of non-weapon items being weaponised in anime. Sometimes they are very effective and sometimes they are hilarious but they are worth noting. Here are five of my favourite non-weapon items that have been used as weapons.

Top 5: Male Glasses Wearing Characters – Updated

Tuesday's Top 5

We all love a good megane male in anime. So much so that narrowing down my top 5 male glasses wearing characters was actually quite the challenge. Revisiting this list in 2021 it will be interesting to see which characters held their place and who have been replaced.

Top 5 Obi Moments From Snow White With The Red Hair

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuesday's Top 5 this week features Obi from Snow White With The Red Hair. There is no denying he has some scene stealing moments so narrowing it down to just 5 was really hard. Here we go, celebrating this great supporting character and my 5 favourite Obi moments.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Characters Who Smoke

Tuesday's Top 5

There's a definite distance created when watching anime. In real life I cannot stand the smell of smoke or cigarettes and yet there are some anime characters out there that just look perfectly right when they light up their smoke, pipe, or whatever else. So today I am counting down my favourite 5 characters who smoke.

Top 5 Anime Characters With Wings

Tuesday's Top 5

This week we are counting down the top 5 anime characters with wings. Be sure to come along and share your favourites.