Tsurune Episode 14

More of the same but just a little different. Well the boys are back in another episode of Tsurune. This one took me by surprise when it appeared out of the blue on the Crunchyroll line up, though I guess if I paid more attention to release announcements I'd have known it was coming. Still, … Continue reading Tsurune Episode 14

Tsurune Series Review

Tsurune Episode 8 Minato

A calm and quiet story with unexpected emotional depth and a solid foundation. This is a more contemplative take on a sports anime and the end result is visually impressive and emotionally fulfilling.

Is It Time For the Team To Get It Together?

Tsurune Episode Reviews

With Masaki missing due to the accident, the team need to figure out how to get through the round and into the finals on their own. After a rough start can they pull it together?

You Have One Shot: Seize The Moment

Tsurune Episode Reviews

Tsurune continues to do a beautiful job of exploring its characters and how small interactions with one another can change a person. There's also some archery. Another beautiful episode from Kyoto Animation.