Haikyuu Episodes 32 + 33


Review Episode 32: To continue with the egg anology from earlier, I think the team has turned into scrambled eggs rather than an omelet. There's a lot of focus on their evolution but they've yet to actually get it together as a team. Though, this episode also sees Tsukishima get a lot of focus, mostly … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 32 + 33

Haikyuu Episodes 18 + 19


Review Episode 18: Episode 18 is what I would normally hate from a sport anime and yet I found it incredibly charming. We spend the whole episode finishing the game but the comments from the stands, the individual character moments, and just the emotion in the game kept the whole thing driving forward and it … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 18 + 19

Haikyuu Episodes 6 + 7

Haikyuu Kurusu Team

Review Episode 6: Seriously, how is this team not the antagonist of the series? Just look at that picture of them attempting to intimidate the other players. Though Hinata's insecurity does lead to some interesting daydreams. The issue being that about half the time I'd love to see that actually happen to him. Which is … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 6 + 7

Haikyuu Episodes 4 + 5


Review Episode 4: Well we finally get to the long awaited match and I must admit the relationship between Kageyama and Hinata is less annoying now though still a bit rocky at times. I think they kind of laboured on about why Kageyama was called the king and how is old team reacted i nthe … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 4 + 5