Friday’s Feature: The Truth About Blogging (Or How To Raise a Blog From Ravenous Beast To Loyal Pet)


Sit yourself down as I’m about to reveal the biggest secret about blogging. It will change the way you view yourself and the world. I’d be surprised if the evil blogging fairies don’t run over here and steal half my post and banish it to the dark beyond of cyber space because nobody wants this secret getting out.


Okay, maybe not.

Because the only secret to tell you is that there is no secret. No one answer that will solve all your problems and launch your blog to stardom and success. No quick fix for writing all those posts and finding the time to interact with the community.

Fact: Blogging is hard work.


Whether you blog everyday, a couple of times a week, once a week, once a month, or once whenever the fancy takes you, writing a blog post, formatting it, proofing it, posting it, promoting it, and following up with comments is all hard work. You might enjoy it and let’s face it, I certainly do or I would not still be doing it, but it is hard work. Most of us probably don’t ever want to work out the number of hours we’ve sunk into our blogs and while those who continue long term will say they love it (and it’s true), it is a labour of love. Blogs are built on the blood, sweat and tears of the blogger (or at the very least the very smooth finger-tips that have spent far too long pounding on a keyboard).

Fact: Despite your hard work, your blog may very well go unnoticed.


There are quite literally 100’s of millions of blogs online covering every available platform and more that are created every single day. And while you aren’t competing with every blog in existence for a space in people’s awareness, you are still competing with thousands of blogs on similar or related topics. And while you may not think of it as a competition and are just writing for your own sake and the sake of a handful of followers, at the end of the day you started a blog to write on a public platform. Part of you somewhere, wanted to be noticed, even if only a little bit and by a small and select group.

Fact: Neither of the above points matter.


While there are some days where I definitely feel weighed down by my own intense schedule of multiple posts every single day, there are far more days where I turn on my computer with glee at the thought of seeing my blog. Seeing a post take shape, reading through and making sense of my draft ramblings on posts from the previous day, finding the perfect image or capturing a spot-on screen cap can make me smile with delight. Seeing a comment from a dear friend that I met through blogging, or a comment from someone I’ve never heard from before is usually all it takes to give me a warm inner glow and make me want to spend another hour or two or more working away on the posts for next week.

My blog has become something that has allowed me to take joy in writing again, to express myself, to meet other people who have a passion for anime, and a space where I can speak. My blog has become so much more than what I ever thought it would be which was just a collection of writings about what I was watching (more akin to an online journal than anything else).  My blog is impossibly dear to me at this point in time and I am so proud of what I have created even as I strive to make it more than what it is.

And that is another truth about blogging.

Fact: It is never enough.


Blogs are hungry, ravenous beasts. The more words you feed them, the hungrier they become. As they grow so does their appetite. It is insatiable.

At this you might become despairing or feel it is an uphill struggle with a stone that is just going to roll away before you ever reach the top.

But that isn’t necessarily the case. This beast is yours and yours alone. It is loyal to you and while it would happily eat up every word you ever wrote, it will also wait for you to take your time, and perhaps develop a more refined palate wishing only the best of your writing.

It all depends on how you choose to raise your blog.

And that is the one hard truth. Your blog is yours whatever may become of it.

Do you agree?

Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.
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Karandi James