Trickster Episode 13

Review: Inoue and Kobayashi are keeping the detective thing going even though Akechi seems to have bugged out and Hanasaki is moping or wallowing. And it's kind of needed given the events of the last few episodes. To have Hanasaki bounce back and everything be fine would be ridiculous. But the problem is my general … Continue reading Trickster Episode 13

Winter 2017 – What I’m Continuing

Yep, nothing has really started yet but Autumn and 2016 are done. I still don't know what I am watching this season so this list is just the anime I'm continuing on from last season. At this stage all that's on my list and where I am up to: March Comes in Like a Lion … Continue reading Winter 2017 – What I’m Continuing

Trickster Episode 11

Review: The opening sequence of Trickster this week decided to play around with the visuals instead of sound, though I have to ask why there is suddenly some sort of floating base. Anyway, Hanasaki remains an inept main character and not a particularly interesting one. Amazingly enough after Akechi turns up he regrets being a … Continue reading Trickster Episode 11

Autumn 2016 Week 10

Week 10 has been interesting. Some things got better, some got worse, many shows shifted their character focus this week and some really showed us they were getting ready for their climax. I know some people have been fairly indifferent to the anime this season but this has actually been my favourite season so far … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 10

Trickster Episode 10

Review: This episode kind of defines everything that is wrong with Trickster. We have one of the core cast members abducted by the guy who has been set up to be the master-mind villain and now he's been taken back to his lair to be brainwashed. That should be an amazingly dramatic episode. Instead we … Continue reading Trickster Episode 10

Trickster Episode 9

Review: So, Trickster, is that really the hand you want to play? Okay, 90% of this episode is boring, predictable, or boringly predictable. We get the conclusion to the whole brother in the compound and it is incredibly anticlimactic and you could almost write every line of dialogue if you just run a sieve through … Continue reading Trickster Episode 9

Trickster Episode 8

Review: Trickster returns to focussing on Hanasaki and his woe is me my brother left me back story. Okay, I don't like his character and I don't feel sorry for him. Plus the brother is seriously delusional if he thinks that you can just declare your own country and then shoot at a police helicopter … Continue reading Trickster Episode 8

Trickster Episode 7

Review: So we finally know a bit about Akechi's back story and his relationship with Twenty Faces in Trickster. The issue being that it isn't interesting. Okay, Akechi had a terrible childhood and ran away after his mentor died while carrying excessive guilt about being the one who killed both his mentor and his father … Continue reading Trickster Episode 7

Trickster Episode 6

Review: Trickster is continuing to roll along in unspectacular fashion. This week the agency is officially on break from pretending to detect but that won't stop Hanasaki from finding ways to stick his nose into other people's business. Mostly what I took away from this episode is Hanasaki is a genuine idiot. Not the kind … Continue reading Trickster Episode 6

Autumn 2016 Week 5

Okay, week 5 and I'm finding that this season is a little bit strange in that other than the handful of must watch shows, the others are all a bit hit and miss from episode to episode. There are some great ideas out there this season but some of the delivery has just been a … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 5