Travel Update 5 – Japan


The final days of the Japan trip in 2019.

Travel Update 4 – Japan


Shrines, observation decks, and lots and lots of food.

Travel Update 3 – Japan

fushimi inari2

Well, about half-way through the trip and I feel like I've been rushing around double time so today I'm having a bit of a kick back and relax before I get ready to go, go, go again. There's just too many things to see and too few days left, but here's what I've been up to since the last update.

Travel Update 2 – Japan

sunset ueno

I'm continuing my travels, though I will admit, the dreaded cold hit me pretty hard yesterday and given it was pouring rain all day I opted to not wander around Akihabara and instead took a bit of a rest and went to some local bookshops and cafes to just kind of relax. I do however … Continue reading Travel Update 2 – Japan

Travel Update – Japan


Just an update on what I've been doing in Japan.

There’s No Anime While Driving

Friday's Feature Banner Image

The statement "there's no anime while driving" seems like something that should be a totally obvious statement. And as there is no anime, there is also no reading, no gaming, nothing. Just the long stretch of straight black road lined with red dirt, dust, and the occasional (or frequent) animal carcass. Stardriver / driving in … Continue reading There’s No Anime While Driving

Travel Announcement

One Punch Man Saitama Flying

This is going to be a super quick post and mostly is just an announcement that in two weeks I am going to be heading off to Tokyo! As you can guess, I'm super excited about this. Now mostly I'm getting to go to Japan because someone I know has been over there the last … Continue reading Travel Announcement

Kino’s Journey Episode 8: Now, You Do In Fact Have Kino in Kino’s Journey, Correct?


Review: We're back to Shizu, Riku and Ti starting with Shizu recovering from when Ti stabbed him the last time we saw them. Turns out, Shizu is no smarter this time around and given Kino made zero appearances this week, I have to wonder what the point of anything in this episode was. Shizu encounters … Continue reading Kino’s Journey Episode 8: Now, You Do In Fact Have Kino in Kino’s Journey, Correct?

Kino’s Journey Episode 5: A Little Dull This Week


Review: This week Kino took us to two countries. The first where they memorialized the motorrad of a previous traveller who apparently became a great leader. The Motorrad was thrilled with being confined to a memorial mind you, asking Kino to smash it to bits after they said they couldn't ride him out of there. … Continue reading Kino’s Journey Episode 5: A Little Dull This Week

The Laughing Salesman Episode 12


Review: While I've enjoyed this anime this season, I'm kind of glad this was the final episode because while its been enjoyable enough it was starting to become a little repetitious. It would have been nice to see the mould get broken once or twice but I'll save further discussion of that for a whole … Continue reading The Laughing Salesman Episode 12