Haikyuu Episodes 10 + 11

Review Episode 10: Well, we concluded the game and the all high school team lost due to poor receives, which isn't really a news flash at this point but I guess points where the next lot of training is going to go. But, Hinata and Kageyama got to show off their weird combo and impressed … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 10 + 11

Haikyuu Episode 3

Review: I guess that is one way to make you like characters that are fairly unlikable; introduce characters who are even harder to like. On that note though, the petty bickering between the main pair gave way this week to the beginnings of a sort of grudging understanding between Hinata and Kageyama. Hinata is obviously … Continue reading Haikyuu Episode 3

Yuri on Ice Episode 4

Review: After the show down with Yuri and Yurio (Russian Yuri's nickname to save confusion), this week we get an episode of preparation and training for the ice-skating season. Both characters are working on their weaknesses and the continued contrast between the two remains a high point for this series rather than a detriment. We … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 4

Alderamin on the Sky Episode 3

Review: Okay, they went to officers school and part of me rolled my eyes thinking that they just couldn't resist shoving our characters into a school setting and I expected the episode to go downhill from there. And yes, there is the usual bullying scenes and our eccentric (lazy) protagonist sticks out like a sore … Continue reading Alderamin on the Sky Episode 3

Taboo Tattoo Episode 3

Review: This series isn't getting any better but it's also not getting any worse. Or, maybe the bath scene with the female assassin constitutes as getting worse? Hard to tell. Whichever way the fight sequences from last week kind of became non-events at the start of this episode and then we went through some more … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 3

Cheer Boys Episode 2 + 3

Review Episode 2: This one is moving along slow and steady. Last episode they formed the team, now we're recruiting members and setting goals. I like that they didn't become spectacular after a training montage and that the small improvements feel genuine, though I still question whether an injured shoulder would be any more useful … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 2 + 3

Twin Star Exorcists Episode 11

Review: More 'training' for marriage or whatever it is they think they've been doing. Rokuro and Benio play a  game of hide-and-seek with whats-her-name this week as they still pursue some actual training on how to be stronger exorcists. Of course this leads to some emotional break through and a couple of cute smiles. What … Continue reading Twin Star Exorcists Episode 11