Haikyuu Episodes 10 + 11


Review Episode 10:

Well, we concluded the game and the all high school team lost due to poor receives, which isn’t really a news flash at this point but I guess points where the next lot of training is going to go. But, Hinata and Kageyama got to show off their weird combo and impressed (shocked) the soon to be coach so I guess they’ll be in the upcoming game even though they are first years. Doesn’t really make sense otherwise.


Anyway, the characters are still taking part in on court therapy sessions and you could seriously string some of the most embarrassing dialogue in history together if you wanted to capture all the lines but it kind of works so we’ll just smile as they feel they’ve gained something and move on.

Review Episode 11:

Training and more training. Everyone hard at work trying to get selected for the game and not get left behind. It’s kind of nice to see the reasonably friendly banter between the characters though I am wondering if Hinata is actually the same age as the other first years. There’s being enthusiastic and then there’s Hinata.


I really enjoyed Hinata’s encounter with the random volleyball player who is obviously going to be on the competitors teams and we kind of knew that before they revealed it because why else have that entire conversation, but it was still kind of fun and the team they are about to play looks interesting.

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Haikyuu Episode 3



I guess that is one way to make you like characters that are fairly unlikable; introduce characters who are even harder to like. On that note though, the petty bickering between the main pair gave way this week to the beginnings of a sort of grudging understanding between Hinata and Kageyama. Hinata is obviously still missing a few key bits of information but apparently working yourself to death is enough to win a minor amount of respect so there we go. Clearly neither of these characters have ever heard of moderation though and the fact that either is still standing after that week is pretty impressive in and of itself. With the show starting to draw me in to the characters this may have more staying power than I thought after the second episode.

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Yuri on Ice Episode 4


Yuri on Ice Episode 4 Review:

After the show down with Yuri and Yurio (Russian Yuri’s nickname to save confusion), this week we get an episode of preparation and training for the ice-skating season. Both characters are working on their weaknesses and the continued contrast between the two remains a high point for this series rather than a detriment. We also have Yuri choosing his own music and we get some back story which further demonstrates his lack of self-confidence (in case we missed that, but at least we have some consistency in this character). We don’t get to hear the final piece but that’s probably a good thing at this stage given the competition is a long way away and there are a whole bunch of steps before that.

The inclusion of Thai in addition to the occasional English and Russian phrase was a nice add in (despite the fact that everyone predominately speaks Japanese no matter which country they are in). All and all, this episode was pretty solid and had less of those moments that broke the flow, though they are still heavy on ensuring a lot of the dialogue can be taken more than one way. It’s as beautiful as ever though much like the events in the episode, the story is in prep mode and is laying the foundation for future episodes.

However, unlike some other episode 4’s this week, Yuri on Ice managed to flesh out their characters and entertain while getting across the needed information.

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