Tuesday’s Top 5: Harem Leads

It’s a truth universally acknoweldged that the lead character in most harems is an empty shell designed only for self-insert purposes. And yet every now and then we’ll come across a lead character in one of these shows that actually has something resembling a personality. As always, this list is entirely my own opinion and I’d love to know what you would have included on your list so please comment below and get the conversation going.

Please Note – There will be spoilers below.

No honourable mentions this week (probably because I don’t watch enough harem anime and the vast majority of characters I could think of had no personality).

Number 5: Hayate from Hayate the Combat Butler

Now Hayate’s main personality trait is that he’s bascially a nice person, however he shows enough moments of actual self-interest and responds reasonably human like to the antics of the girls around him which is why he gained a spot on the list. Also, it is hard to see him as a strictly self-insert character when he has a serious need to clean.

Number 4: Kodaka from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukinai

The guy with the two toned hair and a seriously bad reputation (totally undeserved of course) seldom comes over as personalityless. He does come across as easily lead and fairly apathetic about most things but he has enough moments of actual human interaction that you can see there’s an actual character in this lead. My favourite moment was when he told Sena off at the pool. He did do the cliche male lead thing and saved her from the punks but then he called her on her rubbish. Go Kodaka. Unfortunately that just got him yet another admirer.

Number 3: Ayumu from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka

Alright, Ayumu is a zombie and can also transform into a magical girl who shares his house with a necromancer, an ex-magical girl, and a vampire ninja. That in and of itself makes him kind of interesting. Aymum is on the list because unlike so many other protagonists, he has a goal. He wants to find the person who killed him. Admittedly, this gets lost at times amongst the usual harem/comedy antics but he is at least working toward something and not just kind of existing for the sake of the girls fawning over him.

Number 2: Tigrevurmud (Tigre) Vorn from Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Tigre gets a place here because unlike so many other male harem leads, he actually knows how to take advantage of the situation (not that way). Even after being taken prisoner, due his skill with the bow he wins his captor’s approval and then convinces her through some plot contrivance to lend him her army for a little bit. There is a fair exchange for that service however with Tigre essentially surrenduring his territory to her but given the options he’s got its a fairly solid move. That’s probably why I like him as a character. His choices are always restricted by the circumstances he finds himself in and yet he finds logical ways to approach each conflict and in the process he wins quite a few admirers.

Number 1: Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club

Yeah, I get its a she and this is technically a reverse harem, but to be honest Haruhi is probably my favourite character from any harem style anime ever so I had to give her the top spot. What I like about Haruhi is she’s just so straight forward about her approach to everything. No horrible moments of paralysed indecision or being dragged along without complaint. That isn’t to say she has no weaknesses (typical female fear of thunder coming through as well as just generally being naive at times) but she’s a great deal of fun to watch.

Okay, so over to you. Which harem lead would you have on your list.

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime I’d Like to See Rebooted

Clearly this list is just a personal wish list. Essentially, there’s a lot of anime out there with great premises and interesting ideas, but so many anime just don’t make use of that potential or end really badly. Like, incredibly train derailed into mountain pass before sliding into a chasm badly. So this is my wish list of 5 anime I feel could be really amazing if redone (and by that I don’t mean following the manga or other source material more closely, but I mean they actually think about the story they want to tell and just tell it without all the clutter or distractions and with a clear purpose and end point).

I’d love to know what is on your wish list for anime reboots so please leave a comment below.

Please Note – There will be spoilers below.

Honourable mentions this week go to Higurashi, Sword Art Online, and Gilgamesh.

Number 5: Vampire Knight

vampite knight.jpg

As much as I have mocked vampire knight when talking about it (the anime version of Twilight) there is actually something quite interesting about the idea of a vampire hunter starting a school where humans and vampires co-exist. And the pure blooded vampire with his own agenda living at the school is kind of interesting. As is the child of the hunter family who has been bitten by a vampire and is slowly turning into one. I’d love to see this story redone with a little more focus on the darker aspects and a little less on Yuki’s indecisive love triangle (okay, every Vampire Knight fan now hates me).

Number 4: Claymore


I really loved Claymore. Until we got to the end which was rushed and inconclusive. Seriously. This is a great concept for a story and the characters are interesting. The world building was well done. Why did we get that ending? I’d love this anime to be redone with a clear focus on where it is going and an actual ending.

Number 3: Fruits Basket


My issue with this one is I did go and read the manga. The story in the anime was so inconclusive. We still knew nothing about the curse or why Akito was such a psycho or anything. There’s so many interesting characters and the central story around the Souma family is fascinating but the anime is happy to just follow Honda around on her daily life. Reboot please with the focus on the cursed family. It may not be the happy healing experience that the current anime is, but there’s definitely a good story to tell here.

Number 2: Soul Eater

soul eater 4

Soul Eater has been showing up a lot lately. As much as I love this anime, that ending was bad. Inexcusably bad. That and there’s probably a lot of padding that the series could afford to lose. I’d love to see a much tighter focus on the main villain rather than all the other villains they face off against and actually just watch the students and teachers prepare for and fight that battle. It would be different but I think the show could really benefit from a much stronger focus and a conclusion that doesn’t leave people stunned by how lame it is.

Number 1: Bleach


It had to be. As much as I am in love with Bleach as a series and as much as Bleach is a big part of the reason I became an anime fan as an adult, there are some real issues with Bleach as a story because of its excessive length, scope, and endless rounds of filler. Now that the manga is finished can we decide what the main point of the story is and just tell that story. 50 episodes. Bleach in 50 episodes. Really trim everything unnecessary from the mix and just tell the core story with the characters you actually need. I would absolutely love to see this. Either that or give Hitsugaya his own show. I’d be pretty happy with that (joking – kind of).

Okay, so over to you. What would you like to see rebooted?

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Visually Appealing Anime Titles

One thing  I learned absolutely while trying to write this list is I have a clear taste when it comes to how a series title should look on screen. Basically anime titles fall into three categories for me. Completely forgettable, eye-sore, or nailed it. There’s very little middle ground. The ones in the list below are titles that stuck in my mind long after I finished watching the show. They are iconic without being crazy busy with details. More importantly, they fit the show that they are preparing you for. As always this list is very subjective so I’d love to hear your choices on anime titles that have visual appeal and why in the comments below.

Please Note – Probably no spoilers this week.

Honourable mentions go to: Vampire Knight, Blood Lad and Tsubasa Chronicles. Though from more recent titles, 91 Days was pretty impressive and probably deserves a spot on the list below.

Number 5: Sailor Moon (1990’s)


Alright, it doesn’t look like much these days but back when I first saw this anime the opening song and the final shot with the girls striking a pose behind the title really left an impression. You have the main cast, including the cats (even before all the characters were introduced so you knew who was coming), you’ve got the crescent moon in both the sky and behind the title, you have the love heart over the I, and the weird spot light on the scouts with the rest of the background detail left kind of hazy but still quite pretty. By my tastes today, I probably wouldn’t think too much of this title, but the lingering impression it left forced me to concede this title serves an absolute purpose in appealing to the target audience of the show so it deserved a place on my list.

Number 4: Another


There’s definitely something to be said about simplicity and Another get’s it right. Basic red on black is pretty standard, particularly for horror, but the letter design and arrangement, all just that little bit off, adds to the general creepiness of what you are about to watch.

Number 3: Evangelion


When I first thought of this topic for a list, I believed Evangelion would end up being my number 1 choice however when I looked closely at each of the titles in my short list, it just didn’t quite measure up. Much like Sailor Moon, this one has the advantage of me watching it when I hadn’t watched a lot of anime, and it left a lasting impression so even as I look critically at it now, I remember the genuine sense of excitement that title used to invoke in me. Okay, it’s simple text but the colour choice and composition are striking enough to draw you in and the general feeling of a whole bunch of things mashed together kind of fits the story you watch unfold.

Number 2: Attack on Titan


I’ll be the first person to admit, I’m not actually that big of a fan of Attack on Titan. I really enjoyed it and the first episode really did make me sit up and take notice but by the end of season one I found the whole thing to be slowly losing momentum. That doesn’t stop the title being very visually appealing and the promotional posters for this anime, with the title centred and the whole thing causing our eyes to sweep from Eren in the front all the way to the looming giant at the top just works (incidentally this one promotional poster that came with a DVD that I actually have up on a wall because I really enjoy looking at it). The title itself isn’t the most flashy, but it is distinct enough in its choice of font that it is instantly recognisable on any of the promotional materials and is hard to miss when you run your eyes over the spines of many DVD’s.

Number 1: Bleach


Okay, don’t start prepping all your reasons why I am wrong. This title screams what the show is, which is larger than life. More importantly, this basic text title with it’s red, white and blue colour scheme is absolutely recognisable and stands out from the crowd. The flames out the side frame it perfectly. The whole thing is fun and not taking itself overly seriously while at the same time making you feel there’s something more to it.

Bleach actually gets a double hit here because in addition to the series title being iconic every single episode gets it’s own eye-catching thematically appropriate episode title screen. Preparing you for the episode to come in both subject matter and tone (even if you don’t get it when you see it at the start of the episode by the end you’ll know exactly why the title looked like that). Eventually I’ll do a top 5 list of episode titles for Bleach because they have some very cool designs.


Alright, over to you. What anime titles have grabbed your attention?

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime With Action

Alright, I’ve looked at romantic anime before but this time I’m shifting my focus to action. It is really hard to get a definitive classification on whether something is action or not. Does one fight sequence really make for action? And how do you compare action used for comedy with gritty realistic fight sequences, and then how do you compare those to the over the top craziness that is most action in anime? In the end my criteria for this list was that the fight sequences themselves were a strength of the show and integral to the narrative. So yes there are anime out there with more action and maybe even more impressive action sequences, this is the list of anime that I came up with.

I’d love to know what action anime you love and why. Please comment below.

Patrons, be sure to check out my lesser top 5 list. The anime on the list this week are all actually decent anime (in their own way – okay one of them is terrible no matter how you slice it) but the action in them is not so awesome.

Please Note – There will be spoilers below.

Honourable mentions this week go to Full Metal Alchemist and Claymore.

Number 5: Soul Eater

While I’d love to put Soul Eater far higher on this list (because Soul Eater is just plain awesome) when looking just at the action of the series I have to admit there are some really wasted moments and some fairly disappointing outcomes in some of the fights. The reason this stayed on the list at all is Maka. Her fights, right from episode 1, are some of the most amazing fight sequences I’ve seen from a female character in anime. She’s not using a ranged weapon, she’s not moral support, she’s out there in the thick of the fight and swinging around a weapon that realistically she shouldn’t be able to pick up. If we ignore the final fight (which, please do), all of Maka’s battles are just a joy to watch. If you’re interested my series review is here.

Number 4: Gangsta

This one is a bit more realistic than Soul Eater but still goes for spectacle and humans who can perform inhuman feats. Nicolas, as a tag, really shows off what he can do and given he seems to just like the rush his fights aren’t about efficiency, they are definitely about fun. Of course, most of his opponents also seem to be enjoying themselves so while the fight might be about life and death, you can’t help but get caught up in the enthusiasm of the clash itself. Again, I’ve reviewed this series so if you are interested the review is here.

Number 3: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

I know I just heard the sound of jaws collectively hitting the ground but there is a reason for this choice. While Grimgar is a sleepy little fantasy that is focussed very much on the main character’s internal struggle to cope with this life he finds himself in, the action sequences are an absolutely integral part of this story. More importantly, because every fight is literally a matter of survival for both sides and the tragedy of death is introduced early as a central theme, every battle has a feeling of absolute finality. There are no small conflicts when a single arrow might bring you down and hesitating for a moment could be all the difference between life and death. If we couple this with Grimgar’s distinct art style then the action sequences here are not just deadly they are beautiful. So, while this might be a slow moving story, the action is anything but and if you haven’t given it a go you should probably check out my review and then go check out the anime.

Number 2: Owari no Seraph

This one I haven’t reviewed yet but it will definitely happen. I think what draws me to this is it is a vampire story but it doesn’t really try for horror or atmosphere. It really is a straight up us vs them battle for the right to rule and we have some pretty cool weapons and characters thrown into the mix. Certainly there’s a few issues with the story, particularly in the second half of the second season, but if you like humans (or mostly human) fighting against a superior supernatural force with high stakes than this anime is well worth a watch.

Number 1: Full Metal Panic


Again, I’ve yet to review this anime but it is a great action anime. You have military conflicts, robot fights, explosions in school shoe lockers, and pretty much any other kind of action you could be looking for in a story. The weird mix of serious narrative and high school comedy somehow works and actually the Fumoffu season which is pretty much entirely focussed on the mercenary’s day-to-day school life delivers some pretty amazing action in and of itself. Season 1 and Second Raid give us hostage situations and dramatic rescues, chase sequences, straight up military fights, and just such a range of scenes to enjoy it is kind of hard to overlook this one. As being a fighter is an essential part of Sousuke’s character and the action is used so much for both dramatic and humorous effect I just had to choose this as the number one for the list.

There we go, my top 5 action anime recommendations, though not necessarily the most action filled anime out there. What would you have put on your list?

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Male Characters With Gorgeous Long Hair

While I try not to write too many posts about the physical characteristics of characters, this was a list I’ve wanted to write for awhile. Long hair on guys is just kind of amazing (or at least I think so). And when it billows in the wind and invites you to run your fingers through it, there’s just something really magical about that. Here are my top 5 characters with gorgeous long hair who I would absolutely love to spend some time with. Yes, this list is entirely my own personal preference and uses no criteria worth mentioning.

And then for patrons, be sure to check out my lesser top 5 list. This week focussing on male characters who have long hair but still don’t really impress and I’d rather not get too near.

Please Note – There will be spoilers below (particularly number 4).

Honourable mentions this week go to: Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) and Malachite (Sailor Moon).

Number 5: Kanda (D Gray Man)


I’ll admit there is very little chance of Kanda actually letting me touch his hair even if he wasn’t an anime character and if I happened to meet him, but that doesn’t stop me very much wanting too. That glossy shine, the way it moves when he fights, his hair is amazing and completely sold this character even early on in D Gray Man when he was a bit of a jerk (okay, he’s regularly a jerk but he kind of grows on you).

Number 4: Weismann (K Project)


This one is an odd choice I’ll admit given we barely get to meet this character in his actual body (which would be the long haired version). A few flashbacks are really all we get and the next time we meet this character with memories he’s in Yashiro’s undeniably short haired (not too short) body. Still, you have to admit his hair is just kind of inviting you to touch it.

Number 3: Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss)


Another character who doesn’t usually have long hair but the few times he does, it is unbelievably gorgeous. It almost makes you wish for more flashback episodes just so you could see more of Tomoe with this hair. Plus the ears kind of work. Then again, he was pretty violent then so maybe we should just stick to present day Tomoe.

Number 2: Shichika Yasuri (Katanagatari)


He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but Shichika is honest, earnest, and deadly. Combine that with some odd but strangely compelling fashion sense and a great hairstyle (albeit one that cannot really exist outside of an anime) and you have a character that is going to fascinate from minute one.

Number 1: Zangetsu (Bleach)


I know, so many characters in Bleach with long hair, and so many anime characters, so why choose Zangetsu? Because his hair matches the torn and scrappy edges of his outfit, because its almost always windy when we see him, because of all the characters on the list his would be the closest to a hairstyle you might be able to encounter in the real world… Mostly just because I really love his hair.

Okay, and a total cheat bonus addition to the list. Victor from Yuri On Ice (from when his hair was actually long).

So that is my list this week. Which anime male with long hair would you have had on your list? Or female if you prefer.

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Reasons to Watch Evangelion

I still haven’t actually tackled trying to review Neon Genesis Evangelion but one day I will take on the challenge of trying to actually review a show that is simultaneously brilliant and hopelessly broken but in the meanwhile here are my top 5 reasons as to why you should watch the original anime even if you are pretty sure you are going to hate it. While a lot of these apply to why you should watch any show, some are quite specific to Evangelion.

Please Note – There will be spoilers below.

Honourable Mention: The theme song ‘Cruel Angel Thesis’ is amazing. No other words, just amazing.

Number 5: The Online Discussions


Love or hate Evangelion, there’s a lot of ongoing discussions and debates about this anime. It is pretty much everywhere and anyone who has watched it has an opinion and those opinions are very diverse. The problem is, you can’t engage in these discussions until you watch the show.

Number 4: Broken Characters


Some people love the characters of Evangelion and see them as deep with real emotions and emotional scars. Others just like looking at the girls in their flight suits. Whichever way you choose to look at the characters of Evangelion, what has to be obvious is that each and every character is fundamentally broken. We have a hero who isn’t just a wimp, he is all but completely passive about life except in a few key moments. The supporting team of heroes where one of them has an inferiority complex made significantly worse after she becomes fully aware that she isn’t the one who is actually going to save the day and the other show is equally indifferent about the fate of the world as the hero. We have the workers of Nerv all of whom are pursuing their own agendas and the members of the oversight committee who think they are in control of most of the other people but really are more or less helpless spectators.

Individually these characters aren’t particularly interesting or particularly good characters outside of the context of this show. But as a cast they pose so many questions and reflect so many of the darker sides of human nature that the sum is definitely greater than the parts that make up the cast of this anime.

Number 3: You’ll Get The References

Seriously, Evangelion is one of the most over-referenced anime I have ever seen. Not that intertextual references are a bad thing but it has gotten to the point where people are referencing the references and the actual source material and purpose are kind of getting forgotten. Still, seeing a Gendo pose, an AT field, any quote about a machine not responding, the epiphany sequence (totally used in the Simpsons movie as well as a whole bunch of anime), the monoliths (though these were definitely borrowed even when they appeared in Evangelion), and so on can just make you smile. There are literally references to this anime everywhere in other anime, in TV shows and movies.

Number 2: Can The World Be Saved?


I love that Evangelion takes place in a world that has been broken but is trying to rebuild. Facing the same threat again, it seems humanity is scrambling for a way to survive and like all good anime finds the only salvation in dysfunctional teenagers, but the world isn’t saved. At least not in any kind of form that would be considered saved in a traditional story. It puts all the struggles and minor triumphs these characters go through into perspective and the ending, while severely open to interpretation, really makes you think about all those stories where some big bad is just kind of wept away with limited fall out and makes you wonder about the credibility of either the evil they were facing and the effectiveness of the heroes.

Number 1: It Makes You Think


Again, whether you love this show in the end or hate it, whether you think the references are simply religious jargon tossed around and the symbolism is mish-mashed, whether the characters work for you or not, what Evangelion does brilliantly is pose questions for the audience to ponder. You may not like the answer you are presented with (or you may not be presented with an answer), but you will have questions and feel that there is more than one possible answer.

There we have it, my top 5 reasons why I would say you should watch Evangelion (other than, it’s Evangelion). If you’ve seen it what reasons would you give for watching it, or not?

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Zen and Shirayuki Moments

I promised this one on Twitter and I kind of had to do this list anyway because while rewatching the first season of Snow White with the Red Hair I fell in love with this couple all over again. I also realised just how many good moments they had together on screen. Which is kind of odd in a romance because normally you get like one good moment early on and then nothing with both characters except awkwardness and misunderstandings until about half-way and so on. Zen and Shirayuki are adorable from the get-go and continue to be pretty adorable in nearly every episode. My conditions this week are simple: Zen and Shirayuki had to both be actively involved in the scene and it had to come from season 1 (because I didn’t rewatch season 2 yet and I already had way too many moments to think about for this list).

Over on my patreon site I will be counting down my lesser 5 moments of this anime. Those moments that just made me cringe. This one is just for patrons, though there are other posts and reviews for non-patrons to check out.

Please Note – Plenty of spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched this romance.

Honourable mentions go to: Episode 7 when Shirayuki climbed up the tree to reach Zen on the balcony and Episode 11 when Shirayuki ran away into the forest and Zen had to chase her.

Number 5: Episode 1, the forest walk


I loved this scene. Watching these two talk so naturally, Zen refusing to help Shirayuki until she came clean, his outrage that she’d been asked to become a concubine. It really is the start of something great between these two characters.

Number 4: Episode 4, the medical records


There are a lot of adorable moments in episode 4 (and not all of them are from Zen and Shirayuki) but I loved this moment where Zen comes to Shirayuki after hearing she’s crying and comforts her as she reads through his medical records. I always love in movies where a character says off-hand they’ve developed an immunity to a poison and I just wonder if they realise how painful that would actually be to do. This show tackles the off-hand remark from episode 1 head-on and deals with Shirayuki’s understanding of what Zen has gone through to be who he is in a fairly solid manner.

Number 3: Episode 10, the kiss in the tower


Alright, a lot of people would have put this at number 1 and it is a great moment. Shirayuki has admitted that she wasn’t going to be stubborn this time and she’s fully thrown her support behind Zen. Zen on the other hand has just been scared she got hurt because of his decision and he’s relieved and proud and just overwhelmed. It’s an adorable scene. Still not my number 1 choice for Zen and Shirayuki moments even though it is definitely a welcome addition.

Number 2: Episode 4, the greenhouse


This one is one of my favourite moments and comes from what is arguably my favourite episode of the show. I loved Zen sneaking into the greenhouse to check up on Shirayuki during the exam and then his annoyance at being trapped with her. I love her absolute  indifference to that issue when she’s fixated on the plants that aren’t blooming right. And I think it is truly fantastic watching the two of them work together to fix the garden. Plus, Shirayuki is still all chipper and ready to go come morning whereas Zen is looking a little worse for wear.

Number 1: Episode 5, Zen helps Shirayuki sleep


This moment is so incredibly sweet. Zen’s just realised the strain Shirayuki has put herself under and feels incredibly guilty given he asked for her help. Rather than force a confrontation he simply gets her to sit down and then proceeds to get her to fall asleep in a fairly calm manner and for someone as exhausted as Shirayuki was that’s more or less all it would have taken. Its incredibly sweet and shows that Zen isn’t flawless as the Prince (something that we may have questioned up to this point) and also shows that Shirayuki is not indestructible, no matter what she might believe. It’s a great moment for both characters. What drives it above the kiss and the greenhouse is that it is a true show of mutual respect and care for one another without needing anything as showy as a kiss and without the ‘are they still just friends’ vibe of the greenhouse.

What are your favourite Zen and Shirayuki moments from season 1?

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Male Characters with Blonde Hair

Last week I went through my top 5 female characters with blonde hair so now it is time to turn my attention to the guys. And I thought narrowing down the list of female characters was hard. There’s quite a range of blonde male characters to choose from but I think I ended up with a fairly interesting selection. Previously I’ve looked at males with red hair and blue so if you missed those lists check them out. Feel free to add yours in the comments below.

Over on patreon, patrons can access my lesser top 5 list. This week its the blonde guys who make you cringe.

Please Note – There will be spoilers below.

Honourable mentions go to: Urahara (Bleach), Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist), Yukine (Noragami), Worick (Gangsta) and Oz (Pandora Hearts).

Number 5: Mikaela from Owari no Seraph

For a character that is essentially killed in episode 1, Mikaela definitely doesn’t let that get in the way of being in a large part of this series. While he undergoes a massive transformation from human to vampire and his cheery personality is all but gone, it could be argued Mikaela is the character  who changes the least given regardless of the circumstances he is still trying to protect his ‘family’. I love this character and find the series suffers from his absence at times.

Number 4: Vash the Stampede from Trigun

Vash is the goofy character of the wild west only he isn’t really all that goofy when things get serious and they are stuck on an alien planet and not in the west. As a character with a large bounty on his head and known as a humanoid typhoon more or less everyone in the world is out to get him but Vash just wants to make friends and help people. His crack shooting is almost never aimed at someone and he will definitely take an injury before he’ll inflict one. He’s quite the interesting character once you get past the opening few episodes where mostly he just seems like Daffy Duck with a gun.

Number 3: Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou

I struggled with whether or not Natsume actually had blonde hair or not but at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. He’s an awesome character who experiences slow and realistic growth through his encounters. Plus he likes cats.  Okay, he spends a lot of time running away from yokai and hanging out in the woods but he mostly still gets to school and he’s even made quite a group of human friends. Mostly it is just fun spending time with Natsume as he grows up.

Number 2: November 11 from Darker Than Black

I reviewed Darker Than Black for my 100th series review and November 11 featured prominently then. He’s one of my favourite characters of all time because of his very cool power (he was also on my list of ice magic users) and his general sardonic outlook on life. I love how he can deliver an accusation or insult with a totally deadpan expression and then add that he was joking after the fact. Admittedly, he needs a shorter message on his phone because wasting people’s time listening to a joke can cost lives.

Number 1: Fai D Flourite from Tsubasa Chronicles

Much like November 11, Fai likes to play the fool at times but don’t let his charming smile fool you. Fai is smart, strong and talented and even if he never lifts a finger in a fight against you don’t think you are going to win. While he might let you claim the draw (mostly because he isn’t fighting back) he seldom has anyone get the better of him. Which makes the few occasions when he stumbles (particularly when it nearly costs him is life) even more shocking. I love that Fai has so much development as a character in the background of this story. He is accused of being a coward and his general desire to simply run away from his past definitely supports that but at the same time he doesn’t abandon his friends throughout the course of the story no matter how bad things get. Plus he looks good in a suit and Mokona likes him.

There you have it, my top 5 male characters with blonde hair. Who would have been on your list?

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Characters with Blonde Hair

This was a seriously hard list to narrow down and even then I’m still torn over some of the decisions. The issue is unlike with red-heads and the blue-haired ladies, there are so many different types of blonde characters that it gets hard to decide who your favourite is. I did finally make a decision and unfortunately that mean some really excellent characters got the chop (as well as a lot of cliché ones). As always, feel free to tell me your favourites in the comments below.

And for patrons there is my lesser top 5 list. This week I just went with blonde girls who irritate me to no end.

Please Note – There will be spoilers below.

Honourable mentions go to: Lucy (Fairy Tail), Serena (Sailor Moon), Annie (Attack on Titan) and Lizzy (Black Butler).

Number 5: Triela from Gunslinger Girl

Triela is my choice for being both tragic and incredibly amazing. ALl of the girls in Gunslinger Girl are tragic characters. Suffering sever injuries before being brought back more machine than girl and then being trained to be a killer. While Triela is the oldest of the girls, she also goes through a lot and she’s one of my favourite characters from the show as we see more of her involved in direct combat than some of the other characters. Determined and deadly, this blonde character means business.

Number 4: Amber from Darker Than Black

Amber is a bit of an enigma because she’s only really in flashbacks until the second half and even then she is in and out of the show. That said, I like her character. She plays everything very casually even while she’s probably the only character with the full picture of what is really going on. And she makes some really hard choices and pays the price for them. While I still feel she might have clued some of the other characters in a bit earlier, she has sound reasoning for her actions in the end and she seems to genuinely respect Hei’s final decision in the series. Amber, for taking on everyone and doing it with a smile, you have taken the fourth position on this list.

Number 3: Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist

What’s not to love about Riza no matter which version of Full Metal Alchemist you are watching? She likes dogs, she’s the only one who can really deal with Colonel Mustang, she’s a crack shot, and she’s a hard worker. Add to that she’s also a voice of reason and logic and occasionally a motherly figure to the younger characters, and she’s just all kinds of amazing. If I ever do a best supporting character list, Riza is going to be on it.

Number 2: Utau Hoshina from Shugo Chara

She’s an idol with not one, but two guardian characters that take the form of an angel and a devil. Early on in the series, Utau works against our protagonists and only uses Iru (the devil guardian). Later on she accepts Eru (the angel) and she begins building herself up from scratch as an idol and a person. Other than her brother complex, Utau is a fascinating character and a good rival for Amu early in the series. She’s also pretty awesome as an idol even if she does use her powers for evil early on. As a character, Utau experiences the best growth and development in this series.

Number 1: Maka Albarn from Soul Eater

It had to be Maka. She’s one of my all time favourite characters and she’s just plain awesome. She hits the books, fights with a scythe, and is still a genuinely nice person who is able to make a real connection with Crona who is need of human contact. Unlike so many heroes, Maka isn’t just strong because she is. She’s actually probably the weakest in the group we follow, but she is an incredibly hard worker and very determined to succeed. Even Maka going crazy is highly entertaining.  Oh, and don’t make her mad when she’s carrying a book or you will get hit with the dread Maka chop.

And that’s my list this week. As I said at the start, feel free to add your own suggestions to the list in the comments below and let me know what you think of my selections.

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Use of Phones in an Anime

We’ve all seen anime characters using their phones. Whether they are flip phones or the more recently prolific smart phones, characters do love their phones. My list today looks at 5 interesting uses of phones in anime (okay, four interesting uses and one use that just worked well with the story). These are the uses that stood out to me and felt like they were fairly integral to the story. Please feel free to add your favourite use of phones in an anime in the comments below.

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Please Note – There will be spoilers below.

Honourable mention to Haganai for having two characters who both owned phones being completely unable to use them.

Number 5: Yuri on Ice

This is the one that I said wasn’t all that interesting but worked well with the story. All the way through Yuri on Ice the characters used their phones to update where they were, take and post pictures and video and generally stay in contact. It was nice to see these characters simply using phones as part of their everyday rather than having them as a gimmick or an add on. Plus, the camera rolls and videos stored on the characters phones were used for a fairly significant plot reveal toward the end of the series which would have seemed really lame if we hadn’t seen the characters using their phones all the way along.

Number 4: Mirai Nikki

Yes, future diary. I still don’t know why anyone would keep a diary on their phone but it is the basis for this anime that sets up a death match between diary users and each diary is given a power based on whatever the person was using the diary for. Our main character was recording everything that happened around him but not a thing about himself so his diary shows him the future for everything around him. Good thing his stalker/girlfriend was recording everything about him.

Number 3: Steins;Gate

Who wants to send a text message and change the past? Well, hopefully no-one after seeing the mess it got these characters into. It probably would have been better if they’d had a clue how they’d managed to accomplish building a time machine that could send text messages but even then they probably would have still gotten into the mess by changing world-lines and then having to essentially undo every single change.

Number 2: Noragami

Alright, the phone aspect isn’t very big in this one but I like that a god has been reduced to spraying his number all over town and that he can teleport to the person who has called him. During the first season at least this was one of the many ways this story was made to feel modern. The second season kind of loses a bit of this and that is probably to the show’s detriment.

Number 1: Eden of the East

It absolutely had to be. Phones given to a group of selected individuals with a large amount of money on it and charged with saving the country. What could possibly go wrong? I think it is the operator on the other end who is more extraordinary given pretty much any request can be answered provided they still have enough money. If it wasn’t for the deadly consequences of participation this would very much be the best phone on this list to have. Aside from the Selecao’s phones though the other characters use their phones to connect and interact. Removing the phones, Eden of the East does not work as a story.

And that’s my list this week. What do you think about phones in anime?

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