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This is a short anime that I picked up during the Autumn 2016 season. It follows Tokine who is an office worker who occasionally gets transported into a parallel dimension thing and generates energy by solving quizzes. I reviewed this week to week here.


There’s not a lot left to say about this snore worthy anime that I didn’t cover in my weekly impressions. I picked this up because I love quizzes and riddles and while week one gave us a ridiculously obvious puzzle I kind of hoped that each week I’d have something to try and solve. Unfortunately, after week 1 we either didn’t get a riddles because every second episode seemed to follow Tokine and her friends around the real world, or the riddle required massive leaps in logic in order to solve them so either way not exactly a show to play along at home to.

Even that would have been fine if the characters had occasionally risen above lackluster but tragically Tokine and friends are a vapid and personality devoid bunch and as a direct result their interactions are about as fascinating as watching paint dry.

Toward the end of the series we meet someone else who, like Tokine, is able to solve the riddles but other than one brief moment of rivalry she then disappears from the show to never be seen again which leaves you wondering why they even bothered to introduce her.

All and all, this is an incredibly dull anime.

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Nazotokine Episode 11


Nazotokine Episode 11 Review:

The movie finishes in Nazotokine, they go to work, and then a light show. As usual, Tokine gets excited and we end with yet another riddle. Part of me has taken to wondering if this wondering if this whole show is some sort of travel advertisement with the quizzes thrown in to break up the random segments of scenery and discussions by the girls about various events.

Honestly though the show doesn’t change. Week after week we get the same tone and formula without any real variation and it is definitely getting dull.

Nazotokine is available on Crunchyroll.

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Nazotokine Episode 6



Nazotokine has Tokine solving another riddle with the movers and once again the answer was either obvious or indecipherable depending on your view point. It actually kind of seems like there was a lot of unnecessary clutter this time around which made the solution seems just a bit lame. Then of course we have the girls talking over Korean BBQ and next we are clearly headed to the hot springs. But in case you were falling asleep by the ho-hum nature of the episode we’ll introduce some weird characters right at the end who may or may not have any significance. Nazotokine was underwhelming once again but its hard to really be too annoyed at it.

Nazotokine is available on Crunchyroll.

Nazotokine Episode 5



Tokine goes to help her friend move. They gush about the apartment and then the movers and then both of her friends and the movers leave to go downstairs for plot convenient reasons. Two of the movers return just in time for Tokine to transport them all into Quizum (?) and then we see the puzzle before the episode ends.

Really not certain what the point of this show is at this point. It repeats the same formula over and over and we are learning nothing about the main character that we couldn’t have figured out in episode 1. She’s not growing or developing at all. There are no other characters that we know enough about to care and Hacchin (or whatever his name really is) isn’t interesting enough as an antagonist/villain/whatever he’s supposed to be. That would all be fine if the puzzles gave us something to think about but they just don’t.

Nazotokine is available on Crunchyroll.

Nazotokine Episode 3


Nazotokine Episode 3 Review:

Well, at least I don’t know the answer to the riddle yet. That’s a plus. Mostly this episode follows Tokine around her normal day as she gets herself fired up for a late night of work before rushing for the last train. It was interesting seeing what happens to other people when they are taken into the game, though I guess we aren’t getting any explanation about why Tokine is an exception other than that ‘chosen one’ rubbish the magic pig thing keeps throwing around.

All and all, seven minutes for an episode doesn’t seem like much and yet they are still managing to waste minutes and the story is progressing at glacial speed. Oh well. I guess I’ll find out the answer to the riddle next week (or if anyone else watched the episode they could just tell me).

Nazotokine is available on Crunchyroll.

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