Blue Exorcist Episode 35



Blue Exorcist is a good example of why shows should just try to tell their story and wrap it up. Whether there is a bigger world or other stories that could be explored is neither here nor there because the whole point of stories is to entertain. Season 2 of Blue Exorcist has failed at almost every point to actually entertain. Once you get the initial happy that the show is back and you just look at this arc on its own merit you realise that very little good has come from the characters or the plot and in point of fact some of the characters have lost what little drive they had. Essentially, we have a cast carried over and a new problem dropped on them but no focus at all. But that’s not reviewing this episode so moving on.


My favourite parts of this episode came from Yukio and Todo’s confrontation. I’m kind of glad that Yukio’s plan wasn’t successful in the end because it seemed too easy after Todo had been hanging around for that long. Still, that confrontation was getting close to entertaining even if Todo is now mocking the exorcists for having meetings mid-battle. Seriously, it doesn’t make the fact that you’ve made us sit through all those committee meetings better if you are self-aware of it. Fix your story telling.

My least favourite moments came watching Suguro and Rin. Mostly because everything going on up there is delay for the moment Rin draws his sword. An inevitable event from the start of this battle and really they did drag this out. A lot. And what makes it worse was that there was nothing that actually triggered the change in the end. Can’t draw it, can’t draw it, we’re talking, pep talk, can’t draw it, internal monologue, wow, it suddenly came out. It’s such a cheap plot device when used in this manner and there’s no tension in the scene because you know that either Rin’s going to draw the sword before Suguro actually gets hurt or the wonderful exorcist doctors will fix him up anyway.

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