Dr Stone Review Episode 6

There's some real progress this week as we move beyond the first major crisis their 'civilisation' has faced. Dr Stone gives us a Taiju reminder of the reason for the title and then gets down to business introducing another new character and opening up multiple possibilities for the future.


Fruits Basket Review Episode 19

Fruits Basket this week kind of killed the warm and fuzzy feeling it has been giving off. Goodbye sensitive handling of emotional depths and hello over-the-top characters and suicide humour? It isn't a deal breaker for the series but nor is it Fruits Basket's finest moment.

Dr Stone Review Episode 5

For someone supposedly so smart I can't help but think Senku's actions and plan here was pretty stupid. And that was enough to make this episode of Dr Stone a somewhat less than thrilling experience this week as I thought of all the ways the plan could have, and should have, gone wrong. Fortunately there is some light at the end of the tunnel: Yuzuriha finally did more than be the damsel in distress.

Fruits Basket Review Episode 18

How soothing can you get? Fruits Basket episode 18 works not on addressing the issues of bullying but on how victims can find the strength to keep going. It also bathes us all in a warm and happy glow.

Dr Stone Review Episode 4

I really wish I liked this anime more. It is very pretty and nicely made and yet... Okay, there's definitely moments in this anime that I'm enjoying and it isn't as though I'm going to drop it, however four episodes in and I'm still feeling like we're at the very early stages of this story.

Dr Stone Review Episode 3

And Then There Were Four Dr Stone Episode 3 Well, only four humans in the whole world (that we know of) awake and we already have a brewing romance and a brewing war. Dr Stone has clearly separated Senku and Tsukasa’s stance on how they should proceed forward. What about the other two members of … Continue reading Dr Stone Review Episode 3

Fruits Basket Review Episode 16

A Walk Down Memory Lane Fruits Basket Episode 16 After the breather, and slightly empty feeling episode, last week, Fruits Basket episode 16 dives deeply into the people surrounding Tohru. Specifically we’re seeing Arisa’s past and how she became connected with Tohru Honda. While we already knew that Arisa was a bit of a delinquent … Continue reading Fruits Basket Review Episode 16

Dr Stone Review Episode 2

Stand Back: He's Going To Try Science Dr Stone Episode 2 They have an opportunity to rebuild the world but do they want to rebuild the world they had? It is an interesting question that comes up at the end of this second episode and one that certainly builds a lot of tension going forward … Continue reading Dr Stone Review Episode 2

Fruits Basket Review Episode 15

A Walk By The Lake Fruits Basket Episode 15 I think this is the first time when I genuinely preferred how the episode was handled in the older anime compared to this one. While this anime has taken a slightly different approach, for the most part I’ve found the changes are in the story’s favour … Continue reading Fruits Basket Review Episode 15