This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 4 – Blue

This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 4 President

Yomu set the themes for week 4 and they were interesting but ultimately I decided to settle on Blue. If you are interested in other posts from the collaboration or getting involved next week, be sure to check out Yomu’s site.


Why blue? It was a question I wondered about a lot while watching this episode and for the most part I came up empty on answers but at the same time it added a little something as I looked at each scene and wondered about the purpose of blue. Apparently I’m easily entertained by my own thoughts because this kind of made this whole episode really fun to watch, even though the actual anime still isn’t doing a whole lot for me.

So let’s get into Blue.

This week we meet a new art adviser and she’s wearing a pale blue cardigan over a white button up shirt. Apparently blue is a lucky colour in Japan and can symbolise passivity. I kind of think that works for the new adviser given it’s her first day meeting the club and she’s a little worried, so it would make sense for her to look for a lucky colour, and she’s also a pretty passive character allowing things to happen around her rather than being an active agent for the most part.

It also contrasts nicely with Uchimaki’s waifu the pink cat-eared girl wearing a dark blue school swimsuit. While both the adviser and the poster girl are wearing blue, the different shades definitely set up a very different feel in the scene. And speaking of blue feelings…


Colette turns an interesting shade of blue on meeting the adviser as she comes to the crazy conclusion that this incredibly mild woman is somehow conspiring to win her trust and then kidnap her. I’d love to know what is going on in Colette’s head sometimes but you have to admit, the blue shading is quite interesting here.


Of course, we also get a fun sequence in the middle where Colette is trying to stay in shadows and that leads to some very interesting cool blue shades which contrast nicely with the harsh sunlight in the scenes. I don’t think there’s any deeper meaning to either Colette’s game or the colour scheme here, but it was nicely done.

Finally, there’s an interesting sequence at the end where we see Usami on the phone with Uchimaki and she’s hugging a blue pillow with a green curtain and pillow in the scene. Immediately after, she changes clothes to meet Uchimaki when he drops off a printout and we see that Uchimaki is dressed in a green hoodie with a blue bag hanging at his side. The mirrored colours in these scenes is kind of interesting though what it means, I do not know. Still, it was a fun observation to make and I wondered if it was indicating these two might at some point actually get together.

And that is my review of the episode with a focus on Blue. Looking forward to next week’s theme. Again, if you want to get involved check out Yomu’s post.

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This Art Club Has A Problem Episode 3 – Lessons to Takeaway

This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 3

Week 3 of Yomu’s collaboration and this week I’m looking at the lessons to takeaway from the episode. Turns out This Art Club Has a Problem is surprisingly deep. Remember you can check out the other posts in the collaboration or get involved by visiting Yomu’s blog.

So let’s begin.

Lesson One – Don’t Make Assumptions


Uchimaki has a problem this week when Colette (who we finally met) tells him she lost her locket with a super precious picture inside. Uchimaki immediately assumes the locket must contain a picture of her parents who apparently went back home and left her in Japan and he visualises an entire tearful farewell scene. This makes him feel kind of stupid when he realises the only thing in that locket is… well watch the episode and find out.

Lesson Two – Some People Just Can’t Be Helped


Still looking for Colette’s locket, Uchimaki does the sensible thing and actually asks her where she’s been. At first she answers but then she suddenly gets super paranoid about what he might do with that knowledge. Honestly, at that point he should have just walked away but I guess we also learn that Uchimaki is either really, really, really nice or he’s a sucker for blondes.

Lesson Three – Some Times You Have To Cut Your Losses


It becomes apparent that Colette has actually not lost her locket, and at the inconvenient moment of right after she all but accused her two club mates of potentially stealing it, and she’s forced into a situation where she has a choice. She could: A – admit that she made a mistake and apologise. B – Pretend she’s a magician summoning her locket. Clearly she chooses option B. The problem is that the lie is apparent and there’s just no saving the situation so she’s just making things worse for herself. You know what they say, know when to hold them, know when to fold them, and know when to walk away.

Lesson Four – Sometimes The Other Person’s Happiness Is Enough


Usami is put in an odd position this week where Uchimaki seems to have lost his inspiration mostly because he can’t think of a hair-style for his latest waifu. After first suggesting a bob (can’t imagine why) she ends up giving him a magazine of reference images of women’s hairstyles (though she isn’t altruistic enough not to post-it note the bob). Still, she was genuinely happy for his happiness as he leafed through the magazine and began to get enthused again.

Lesson Five – If You Are Cornered and Running Isn’t An Option, Sometimes You Just Have To Grin and Bear It


Look at those pained smiles. Usami’s friends visit the art room and then, mostly to mess with her, decide to have a drawing contest of the two. They position her closer and closer to Uchimaki before finally presenting their work. Personally, I think Usami should have chosen to run away when her friends first said they were going to visit the art club but having left it too late, she was trapped with no way out. Nothing for it but to smile.

Finally – If Your Friend Is A Reporter Your Life Is Fair Game (Watch Out)


Yep, they made front page. I think the lesson here is self explanatory though.

And that is it. Six lessons from This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 3. Looking forward to next week’s themes.

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This Art Club Has A Problem Episode 2 – Scenes Outside the Art Room


We’re back with the second week of Yomu’s amazing collaboration and this week we have more fun themes to pick from. I decided to focus on scenes outside the art room thinking there’d only be a couple given I’ve been busier this week and then I watched the episode. Well, almost all of it takes place outside the art room. On the other hand, I enjoyed this episode significantly more than episode one so there’s a plus. Allow me now to walk you through This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 2: Scenes Outside of the Art Room.

We begin our episode with an exterior shot of the school (I assume) before we transition to a long corridor lined with windows and four girls walking side by side toward us.


In another story I might think this was some kind of show of power the way the girls spread themselves across the entire walkway but here with all the glass, reflections, and general drab colour going on in this scene, they mostly look tiny and insignificant. When we zoom in on their conversation in which one of Usami’s friends gives her a false horoscope, that impression is more of less confirmed.

As to why the corridor needs to be so long or we needed this long shot of the girls, I’m really not entirely certain.

There is a transition in between where we see what happens inside the art room, but our next external to the art room scene involves Usami reaching the end of that hallway, bidding her friends goodbye and then eyeing off the clearly acting suspiciously Uchimaki.

art2b 1
Smooth, real smooth.

With no clue what has transpired inside the room Usami is puzzled by his behaviour but also impatient to get inside the room. The exchange between the two is therefore brief but it does yield this corridor shot where we realise that speaking characters are not the only people who exist in this school, and that every hallway is equally drab as the one we started in.

art2c 1

Again some stuff happens inside the art room but the outcome of that is we end up at some sort of exhibit where Uchimaki’s art work is on display as it has been awarded second place in some competition. Usami is annoyed that it got a place and Uchimaki is upset that it only got second. The President is just kind of there, an ongoing theme for his appearances.

What should be noted though is that the exhibit is as poorly attended as the school seems to be and equally drab in its choice of colour scheme.


And so ends the first of three stories that will be told in this episode.

The second story begins again with an exterior shot of Usami’s house (again, I guess) before we transition to seeing her in bed and discussing Uchimaki with her friend. We don’t get much of a view of the room though what we do see of it implies there’s a lot of books stacked about and that the bed is really too narrow for the two girls to be sharing it.


The friend ultimately manages to get Usami talking about why she likes Uchimaki and we go into an extended flashback of a mission the two went on to buy paint. How extended? Well the friend falls asleep before it is over. Kind of a shame really given it was a fairly good story.

art2h 1

The basic outline goes that Uchimaki used all the paint to produce waifus and so Usami and Uchimaki had to go buy paint supplies. Naturally, in anime world, that means Uchimaki carries all the supplies and complains about their weight despite there being only two fairly thin bags in his hands, and Usami makes dated comments about gender roles (okay, that might have been a little catty).

While they are walking we transition to a sunset scene, because why not, and then we get to the crux of the story. A mother beseeches them to find her missing child and the two set off on a search and rescue operation.

art2i 1

Actually, finding the child isn’t as difficult as convincing the child they are actually there to help her, not aided by a masked primary schooler who turns the conversation weird. Anyway, Uchimaki draws a picture of the girls mother to reassure her that they are going to help her find her mother and off they go. We transition back to Usami’s bedroom and the sleeping friend and so the second story ends.

art2j 1

The third and final story involves Usami turning down a confession while his senpai’s from the art club do the worst tree impersonations ever. I did like how they drew a tree in between Uchimaki and the girl who confessed as it really helped to make it clear there was a gap between them and that this was not going to be a successful confession.

art2k 1
Are they trying to land a plane?

While I am a little baffled as to how the girl didn’t notice the two hiding behind the bush, this scene was otherwise pretty straight forward, though I am curious as to the overall layout of the school and whether or not this takes place anywhere near the art room.

With that I’m done with episode 2 and I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour of scenes that are not in the art room. Remember to go to Yomu’s site to check out other entries or get on board and join in.

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