Friday’s Feature -Poor Pacing

Poor pacing isn't a new problem by any means; ask anyone who has watched Dragon Ball Z or Bleach about battles that just don't ever seem to end. However, both the Spring and Summer seasons in 2016 have given us new examples of shows that manage to kill interest with pacing issues so I thought … Continue reading Friday’s Feature -Poor Pacing


Friday’s Feature -Actually, I don’t Mind…

When it comes to stories, I like a lot of different types. I definitely have a preference in novels and TV for fantasy and science-fiction, although paranormal romances are certainly starting to fill my shelves in recent years. Whether that is because they are any good or because of the sheer volume of books that … Continue reading Friday’s Feature -Actually, I don’t Mind…

The Asterisk War Season 2 Series Review

Overview: Some disaster struck and from this humans were able to develop powers of sorts and as you do in these fantasy stories you build schools to train teenagers to be homicidal nut-jobs that think only of ways to use their powers to beat other teens into submission all in the name of achieving some … Continue reading The Asterisk War Season 2 Series Review

The Asterisk War Episode 24

Review: They continue to spend these last episodes setting up a conflict that we'll now either have to wait to see or may never see if there isn't another series. That annoys me a little bit given they could have ended the series with the end of the Festa and this all could have happened … Continue reading The Asterisk War Episode 24

The Asterisk War Episode 23

Review: This episode has finally really nailed what I hate about Julis' character and her relationship with Ayato. When older brother suggests marriage between Ayato and Julis: This is Julis' very sensible reaction: Because of course suggesting someone who clearly cares about you might want to marry you must be a sick joke. While there … Continue reading The Asterisk War Episode 23

The Asterisk War Episode 22

Review: So we're not going to deal with the sister, Flora's kidnapping, or anything pertaining to the entire last two seasons. Instead we're going to take a roadtrip (flight) to Julis' brother's castle and go to a party. In Ayato's words, "How'd we end up like this?" Which just illustrates how incredibly dense he is. … Continue reading The Asterisk War Episode 22

Spring Overview Week 9

Week 9 has come and gone and I am definitely starting to feel a growing sense of impatience for next season. There are just too many shows this Spring that could disappear and I probably wouldn't even notice. Those into slice of life, there are actually quite a few sweet titles out at the moment, … Continue reading Spring Overview Week 9

The Asterisk War Episode 21

Review: How do you make a grand-final match kind of dull? Just deliver more of exactly the same. A sword transformation aside this last fight was pretty ordinary and 'injuring' Julis so she couldn't take part in the final exchange was just kind of lame. Not to mention, police investigation or not, in a team … Continue reading The Asterisk War Episode 21

The Asterisk War Episode 20

Review: Continuing from last week, Saya and Kirin execute their rescue of Flora, meanwhile Ayato and Julis push their opponents into a merge but then get seriously stumped by overwhelming power. It all seems like it is over, except their our main characters and they haven't managed to lose yet, and then the student council … Continue reading The Asterisk War Episode 20

The Asterisk War Episode 19

Review: So Flora is still kidnapped but Ayato gets help from random encounter of convenience girl (introduced at the end of last episode) and they now know where she is. Kirin and Saya move to begin the rescue while Ayato and Julis prepare for the finals (because that is so much more important than rescuing … Continue reading The Asterisk War Episode 19