Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans Series Review: Raise Your Flag

Certainly it has some rough edges, and I'll elaborate on those below, but it is a charming story with a group of characters that you can like, hate, laugh at, cry for, and generally believe they are real people. Sometimes they are clever, and sometimes they are sad, and sometimes they are just kids well out of their depth, but the whole time you can see them as being very human and that makes everything else in this show work.


Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 48

Review: Please note: Major episode spoilers below - no attempt to conceal details. There was a lot of Orga focus in this episode, for good reason. What I particularly liked is that Orga's screen time didn't suddenly advance, and other than one flashback (which we've seen before from a different perspective) we didn't dwell on … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 48

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 47

Review: This is like watching a collision in slow motion. You know the impact is coming and you know it is going to be bad but you're just kind of inching toward it. This episode saw them finally arrive back on Mars but with no allies and no money, Tekkadan really has no chance. Zack … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 47

Iron Blooded Orpahns Episode 46

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 46

Review: Shino's death hits hard (you know, unlike the other half the cast that already died, we actually cared about Shino) and after the dust of the battle settles (or, rather Tekkadan and co scurry away to potential safety) we get the regret, the lamentation and the half-hearted I'm glad you didn't die speeches. Yamagi … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orpahns Episode 46

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 44

Review: There was a line early in this episode that just made me laugh. "You all must obey me now." Really? Because you dug up some ancient mecha. And if they don't? Well, clearly nobody thought that far ahead because it turns out they can choose to not obey and all he can do is … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 44

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 43

Review: After so many episodes of talking and set-up we finally know what this has been heading towards. The problem is, that it isn't such an awesome reveal. In point of fact it's pretty lame. One three hundred year old machine and Fareed thinks he can take on the world. I guess the only question … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 43

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 42

Review: And so Tekkadan cuts ties with their allies and avenges the deaths of Naze and friends. Points for acting on emotions and drama but this is hardly a master plan and now things are unraveling fast. The fight was almost anti-climatic given the cowardice ¬†and weakness of the enemy and really this whole situation … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 42

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 39

Review: After missing this show for a few weeks it took a little bit to get back into it but fortunately this episode helped by pretty much running past all the major players and having them more or less narrate their current objective. This has been an issue for this show the whole run-time. Character … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 39

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 35

Review: Iron Blooded Orphans spent a lot of this episode in set-up mode however unlike last week, this week we get a payoff at the end with the potential for some real fun next week.¬†Despite that, this week didn't feel as dull as it kind of felt like we were seeing more of the changes … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 35

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 33

Review: Still dealing with the fallout the characters of Iron Blooded Orphans spend a lot of this episode sitting around and talking. We have to spell out everything while still not really revealing what the final play of this series might be though Tekkadan is definitely heading for something given the current proposal in front … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 33