Fastest Finger First Episode 10: No Time For Distractions Like Backstory

Review: They finally kind of got into the team leaders past this week on Fastest Finger First and then they decided that was too distracting from answering questions and we moved on. Or rather, Fukami does as she puts aside the question of whether their captain actually knows her brother or not and focusses on … Continue reading Fastest Finger First Episode 10: No Time For Distractions Like Backstory


Days Episode 23

Review: So Days continues to surprise me as it makes me care time and again about the outcome of the game even if it feels this week like it was a foregone conclusion. The ride getting to that final goal was definitely exciting. Of course, once again, we spent the entire episode watching the game … Continue reading Days Episode 23

Days Episode 22

Review: After two full episodes the game still isn't over and I must point out that the animation definitely took a downward turn again this episode. Normally that doesn't bother me but the sheer number of still images this week, plus some really terrible faces on background characters, kind of ruined the overall tension of … Continue reading Days Episode 22

Days Episode 21

Review: The game from last week continues and we see both sides make some mistakes and we also get to see the team's first years struggle to deal with the pressure of suddenly being forced into a high pressure game. At the centre though is Tsukamoto who has finally genuinely found a love of the … Continue reading Days Episode 21

Days Episode 20

Review: Days continues into the tournament and we injure yet more players before the semi-finals. Of course, we only make it into the first couple of minutes of that game before it is episode over. So what did we do for the rest of the episode? Well, we spent a lot of it with the … Continue reading Days Episode 20

Days Episode 16

Review: After feeling like I'd hit my limit of this last week I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. I complained that Tsukamoto hadn't really developed and they show us in the game this week that he is finally putting everything together in his own weird way. I was annoyed by the general lack of … Continue reading Days Episode 16

Cheer Boys Episode 8

Review: This episode brings the in-team tension to a head, has Hisashi try to quit, and then has a touching resolution before we go to a New Year's training camp for a training and cooking montage. It's fun to watch and we finish on a nice positive, but I can't help but wonder why the … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 8

Cheer Boys Episode 7

Note: Sorry about the late replies to comments. I did not realise I was going to be without internet over the last few days. Hopefully everything is back on track now. Review: Well this episode is certainly an excellent case study on what happens when a team lacks a shared vision. It's kind of hard … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 7

Cheer Boys Episode 5

Review: This episode just flew by. I got so caught up in the team prepping for their first performance and then the performance was on and the credits were rolling. This episode just feels right, like the culmination of the past four episodes and all of their effort. Yeah, they still aren't perfect and clearly … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 5

Cheer Boys Episode 1

Overview: Bandou's family are into Judo but he was never all that good at it. Now he has injured his shoulder and finally has an excuse to quit. His best friend sees this as the perfect opportunity to start a male cheerleading squad. Review: Queue a whole lot of speeches about the power of cheers … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 1