Hand Shakers Episode 12


Review: This show and I do not mesh but this is the toned down version of the rant because the first draft was unpublishable in every sense of the word. So, let's just fight, a lot, with attacks we've never seen before and don't know the rules of so don't really have any reason to … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episode 12

Hand Shakers Episode 11


Review: So some of the missing pieces were explained, through a heavily narrated way too long flashback sequence. You know when ACCA decided to give us the backstory, they gave it to us from the perspective of an interesting character and we gained more of an understanding of the world and the characters we were … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episode 11

Hand Shakers Episode 10


Review: Nothing, nothing, nothing, random glasses guy from previous episode appears, "Before I end this, I'll tell you everything." Episode end. That is what happened this episode. Unless you enjoy watching Tazuna and Koyori team cook or enjoy creepy brother and sister team showing up for some stilted and pointless interaction, there's really nothing else … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episode 10

Hand Shakers Episode 9


Review: Visually this episode went to a new low on the completely ugly side of things and instead of anything resembling actual plot progression we get an extended fight with the villain from last week (which almost makes you wonder why they didn't just wrap the fight up then). A few pressing questions came to … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episode 9

Hand Shakers Episode 8


Review: In a show where they can waste ten minutes on exposition that explains nothing, I probably should not be surprised by this episode. Essentially we meet an idol mid-fight as she takes out two opponents and maybe the dance would be cute except for the incredibly creepy animation making it nearly unwatchable. So, complete … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episode 8

Hand Shakers Episode 7


Review: Eventually I will get over this meshing thing. No, I won't. And now apparently its contagious because other characters are saying it. Yikes. Anyway, there's pretty much nothing else worth talking about in this episode. Instead of developing the guy who might be god, the point of the fighting, what hand shakers are, or … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episode 7

Hand Shakers Episode 6


Review: You know, there has been a lot of criticism of this anime but other than being ugly, having extremely long moments of exposition that explain nothing, a goal that makes no sense, and two characters that are about as interesting as watching paint dry, there hasn't been anything too broken about this show. And … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episode 6

Hand Shakers Episodes 4 + 5


Review Episode 4: Let's get this out of the way. They are still abusing the word mesh in this show. We get it. He uses gears and likes to fix things. Please, someone rewrite his dialogue. However, I didn't really have too many issues with this episode (beyond things that are just inherently part of … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episodes 4 + 5

Hand Shakers Episode 3


Review: Is this story meshing yet? Have our characters actually developed some character yet? Not unless a poor catch phrase counts as character. Truly this show continues to demonstrate how you can have most of the elements you need for something that works and still manage to deliver it in a manner that is almost … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episode 3