Akiba’s Trip Episode 5



Let’s go through the formula again; this time with retro-video games. Points to Akiba’s Trip for realising that eating up more than five minutes in setting up Tamotsu’s latest fixation is boring, but minus about a thousand arbitrary points for not realising that just introducing a red-herring for the villain of the week isn’t really adding anything to the formula.


The dialogue above is what happens when the writers seem to feel that being random will equate to humour but they have no justification for what the characters are doing. This isn’t funny. This entire sequence was ludicrous and overly lengthy. It certainly pushed the limits of absurd. But none of that made it good or funny and having the character explaining why they were doing each ridiculous thing essentially give up on their own rationalisation just made the entire thing an open joke that this entire sequence is fundamentally without purpose other than someone wanted a zany training montage and maybe it started out as a satire of training sequences but it soon just became a free for all of random ideas that went nowhere.

On the plus side again, they didn’t make us listen to the villain’s flimsy rationalisation this week given they didn’t reveal the villain until right at the end and then they took him out in a single hit. Another minus though is that the girls in this have essentially become background noise (even what’s-her-name who saved Tamotsu’s life and you kind of thought should be important to the story).

Akiba’s Trip is available on Crunchyroll but I’m not recommending it.