Let’s All Write A Book – Chapter 2 – Part 8

I'd like to thank ScottĀ  for tagging me, though I'm going to point out the thought of trying to write part of a story I don't know the end of is kind of terrifying as I don't have a clue if what I'm adding is actually helping the plot along. Still, this has been a … Continue reading Let’s All Write A Book – Chapter 2 – Part 8


The One Liner Challenge

Thanks GeekOut South West for the nomination. I'm terrible at getting around to these tags and have a few others that I still haven't responded to, but with Full Metal Panic not airing an actual episode this week I had an empty slot in my schedule and this looked like it would be a lot … Continue reading The One Liner Challenge

Gangsta Series Review

Overview: Much like the title suggests, Gangsta deals with the events of a mafia run city called Ergastulum. Mostly we follow Worick and Nicholas, two 'handymen' as they take on pretty much any job for a price. Review: It would be easy to make the case that Gangsta goes for style over substance and without … Continue reading Gangsta Series Review